For the Memoir ’44 Collector!

The time has come to clear out some of my excess Memoir ’44 collection.  Here is a chance to own a piece of Memoir ’44 history as I’ll be auctioning off some of the most sought after items (like the Air Pack with 4 extra planes!) and some rare items (the Winter Tiger campaign bag).

  • Air Pack
  • Breakthrough
  • Pacific Theater (painted!)
  • Winter Wars
  • Campaign Bag (‘Winter Tiger”), 3 battlemaps and more!

All of these are on E-Bay but only for a week so bid early and bid aggressively if you want to add some of these treasures to your collection.

Win multiple auctions and let me know for reduced shipping costs!

Good luck and happy bidding!

Gin Drinker’s Line – Start of the Battle for Hong Kong campaign

On the day of infamy, Pearl Harbour wasn’t the only attack the Japanese put in. The advance guard of the Japanese army was making it’s way toward the British held Gin Drinker’s line. A line of defenses on the Kowloon Peninsula that was intended to stop the Japanese in their tracks. However, it was undermanned as Japanese scouts soon discovered. A daring night attack plan was put into place in order to overcome the defenses.

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Hong Kong – Memoir ’44 scenario

As regular visitors might note, I’ve been doing some upgrading to the site (yes, I am still alive!). I’ve done some maintenance and house cleaning and while I was at it a bit of a touch up on the look (what do you think?).

I’ve also opened up the Memoir ’44 scenarios posted (they used to be only for members of the site…but now they are open to all!). While I was at it, I posted a new scenario…   Continue reading