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Tide of Iron - Days of the Fox scenario

Free French at Bir Hakeim

This Scenario, by the late Bill S Jaffe, features the Italian initial effort, with German air support to take the Free-French dug-in position at the battle of Gazala. All historical facts are important for the successful understanding, especially if they are taken from memo essay and other reliable resources.

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Divisions: 1st Free French Brigade Ariete Division

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1 years ago

For those interested, I've uploaded my complete M'44 Players Aid...from 2008! You can find it on my site under M'44 Extras section. ... See MoreSee Less
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- November 23, 2020

I received an email recently from Tim, a player new to M’44, who let me know that the players aid posted on the DoW website is actually missing the Pacific Theater portion. I was sure I had created something to that effect…so I dug into my archives and sure enough, I found a version that

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