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How-to: Writing Scenarios

June 8 2008

I wrote a scenario writing tutorial awhile back and since it has remained largely forgotten. BradyLS and Greek Geek though put in a good reminder on BGG so I thought I would pull it out, dust it off and run it up the flag pole. It is by no means a definitive document, but you may find some good things in it. If it helps make better scenarios, then bonus. Grab it from the Depot.


Pendraken Miniatures Arrive!

May 20 2008

In looking for some 10mm miniatures to compliment what I already have and the figures from the game. I placed an order with Pendraken. I was not disapointed! I started painting them right away. I've uploaded the pictures in the Recon section and have a more detailed report on Pendraken Miniatures.


Brummbär's Breakthrough

May 9 2008

Designing a Breakthrough scenario was one of the most challenging scenario designs I have done to date. I chose Seelow Heights as the subject and am very happy with the progress. This scenario is set to bring a whole new level of game to Memoir '44. It is now in it's final stages of playtesting. In the meantime, I thought that a video Historical Background might be in order...

Check out this interesting video on YouTube - Seelow



April 21 2008

Memoir '44 scenario

Update 04/27/08 - Intelligence Report on the Breakthrough complete, read about it here.

For immediate release from Abwehr I H West: Obtained from a captured prisoner (he would identify himself only as 'the post man'), the planned Breakthrough to Gembloux map has fallen into our hands! We will examine in detail and report our findings back here.

Memoir '44 scenarioMemoir '44 mobile artillery

Mention in Dispatches...Congratulations to JDRommel (Jacques) on his scenario Breakthrough to Gembloux. Jacques is a prolific scenario author who's work, unfortunately, is largely unknown to the English speaking Memoir community...I'm sure he won't remain anonymous any longer!


Let's Take to the Air!

April 18 2008

Memoir '44 scenario

While it turned out to be a lot more work than I bargained for, the Memoir '44 Air Pack extension for Vassal is ready. This extension required a re-working of the original module and has many new and improved features. Some of which are...

Visit the Vassal page to access the download to this package. If you have never tried Memoir'44 on Vassal before, now is the time. It is easy in one complete package and has a ReadMe file with a link to a Playing on Vassal tutorial.

Enjoy and hope to catch you online!


Calling all Vassal Players...

April 8 2008

Memoir '44 scenario

Update! - The Air Pack extension is ready! Visit my Vassal page for details. This was an extensive upgrade to not only create the extension but the main module itself needed to be upgraded. It's all now available at

Brent and Tim over at the Vassal forums are really helping me out with it...a big thanks to them (esp. Tim, lot's of good advice and help)!


Disaster at Dieppe Published!

March 27 2008

Memoir '44 scenario

As part of my winning entry to the Days of Wonder Air Pack painting contest, the gang there gave me the opportunity to publish one of my scenarios in an upcoming Game Trade Magazine. Having revised my Disaster at Dieppe scenario (it was truly a disaster!) I thought it would be a good choice. You can find this in issue #97.

On another note... I recently obtained some of the Ceasar Miniatures - Resistance fighters. More on that soon.


New Memoir '44 Scenario!

Febuary 22 2008

Memoir '44 scenario

Not sure how this one crept in under the radar (or maybe it's just me?) but I noticed in the Jan. issue of Game Trade Magazine there is a new Pacific Theater scenario involving the Japanese and the British. It's done in the format of the new Air Pack book (which we can assume will be the standard from here on in).

Looks like a good one. Check it out here - Defense of Meiktila (link no longer works, removed)



Haus Rules - Mobile Artillery

Febuary 20 2008

This is another Haus Rule that has a direct change to the rules as published. The Mobile Artillery rule (or, as they are more commonly know as, Self-Propelled Artillery) is very harsh indeed. The ability for it to move 1 and fire in effect makes it similar to a very devistating infantry. It is simply too much and find it really unbalances any game it is in.

In order to take them to a more sane level here is my Haus Rule...

big gunsMobile Artillery
Unit may either Battle or Move 2 hexes.

This keeps them from getting too heavy too soon. As it is, they can still move twice as far as Artillery, so they will get themselves into a good firing position faster. Try it out.


Haus Rules - Big Guns

January 17 2008

In a continuation of my Haus rules, here is a rare modification to an existing rule, Big Guns. Being a gunner, I know how guns work and was not at all satisfied with how the Big Guns rule was written (Terrain Pack). Without going on a rant, artillery never targets a unit, it targets a point on the ground. But according to the rule as written, as soon as the unit it was targeting was eliminated or forced off of the point, the target was lost. So why do you need 3 targeting markers, we only ever got to use 1 and briefly at that!

So I set about playtesting the Haus rule. I wanted it to work not only in gameplay but also in accordance with how artillery actually functions (again, keeping in the spirit of the game). So here is my Haus rule...

big gunsBig Guns
Each unit gets 1 target marker.  When the guns score a hit on a unit, it places the target marker.  The target marker remains on the hex until the guns move or fire on a different target.  The target is then removed from the hex (if the guns hit another unit, it may move the target marker to that hex).


Haus Rules - the Cambush

January 14 2008

At the Memoir '44 forums Doc Halloween has asked an interesting question... What house rules do you play with? In general, I play strictly by the rules printed with a few exceptions where I think the rule is wrong (Special Forces infantry on a road) or completely broken (Big Guns, SP Artillery).

Of course, I have also tinkered with my own additive rules which I'll share in installments then perhaps put into a complete document. So for my first installment I'd like to introduce the Cambush rule...

If a unit is camouflaged and is about to be attacked, it may roll 1 die, if the result is a Star, it gets to conduct an ambush.


Make your own Memoir '44 Dice

January 7 2008

Memoir '44 dice

I've now tested out a couple of different methods of making these. Download the tutorial from the Depot. In it, I show how to do a very sharp job of it using decal paper and, after a successful test, how to do it using ordinary paper. I also have a number of different Nation dice to use if you don't like the standard ones.

Thanks much to Pz V for the different nations suggestion. Contact me Pz V for a complimentary set of your choice!


Happy New Year !

January 3 2008

I hope everyone had a pleasant holidays. Mine was busy and I will be releasing my 'Making your own M'44 dice' tutorial shortly (had to do some further experimentation). Hope everyone is having fun with the new Air Pack! 2008 looks to be a banner year for Memoir. With the British Expansion (very much anticipated) and a few other goodies there will be plenty of reasons to have M'44 on your gaming table!


Air Pack Contest Ends Soon!!

December 21 2007

With just over a week left until the deadline for submissions I'm surprised there aren't more entries! I know, you're probably saying... "I don't have an unpainted air plane to submit". Well, they don't have to be unpainted. If you own an Air Pack, painting those makes them eligible! The contest rules simply state - "Contestants must submit a photograph of their painting of one of the planes from the Memoir ‘44 Air Pack expansion."

Ok, so maybe you don't want to ruin your already lovely painted air plane... no problem, just add a little of your own personal touch. You don't need to paint the whole thing. Just 'enhance' it. According to the contest rules... "By their submission, entrants vouch that the painting or enhancements on their entry are their own creation and not the work of anyone else".

Have a look around online for a camouflage pattern that catches your fancy and away you go. Throw a little color on there. While you are there, try cleaning up that canopy with a drybrush light blue. Have fun with them, they are your flight now!

Ok Volks, no excuses... let's see some planes! (ps - for some ideas, I've added a gallery dedicated to the Air Pack in the Recon section).

Days of Wonder Airplane Painting Contest links;
Contest Rules - Submissions page


The Hills are Alive (again)!

December 18 2007

I thought I would give everyone something to do over the holiday break... make some hills for Memoir '44. This is an old tutorial that I pulled out of the vault and brushed up a little. It isn't hard to do and the rewards of actually having 3D hills on the board is instantly gratifying.

You can find the tutorial in the Depot.


VwCON - Memoir '44 Vassal Tournament Update!

December 14 2007

The tournament is now over. Congratulations to Jesker who defeated Bert in the finals for the victory.

See the finals results here - Memoir '44 Vassal Tournament. You can download the logfiles and play them back in Vassal to see how the games went turn by turn.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


The Air Pack has arrived!

December 10 2007

Memoir '44 Air Pack

It's here! Ok, well, it is at my location anyway. Having worked on the project, I got an advanced copy (that wasn't so advanced thanks to Canada Customs!). It arrived today and after having playtested with some pretty ad-hoc measures, I couldn't wait to get the real thing on the table. Got an Me-109 out right away. Kept him around for a few turns doing some nasty strafing runs that netted me an arty and an infantry. Alas though, he was also the first air casualty when the enemy got luck and shot him down.

I'd write a review on the pack, but ColtsFan posted an excellent one on BoardGameGeek. I'm thinking instead of writing up a quick startegy guide on using the planes.


Memoir '44 Vassal Pack

December 9 2007

Memoir '44 Air Pack

Just about to head online in a bit to play some M'44 via vassal. I've been given permission from Days of Wonder to include in my latest update the new Richard Borg scenario - Baraque de Fraiture (Parker's Crossroads). This scenario will also be the finals in the Fall Brawl tournament scheduled for the 9th.

Also included are my Ortona trilogy, Breaking the Hitler line and Disaster at Dieppe Update! I had set the extension up incorrectly, I have now corrected it but for now the only scenario in it is the new DoW Holiday Greeting scenario. Download the extension and save it to your mod_ext folder. (note; you'll also need the Eastern Front extension to play this scenario

Grab the Memoir '44 Vassal pack here!


VwCON - Memoir '44 Vassal Tournament Update!

December 6 2007

The qualifying round is now complete. Congrats to Bert and Jesker who had a very close match as they met each other in the last game of the qualifying round. They will be playing the finals on Sunday Dec. 9th (time yet to be determined).

See the latest results here - Memoir '44 Vassal Tournament. You can download the logfiles and play them back in Vassal to see how the games went turn by turn.

I'll also be posting a Brummbär Memoir '44 vassal pack on the site sometime on Dec. 7th that players can add to their vassal extension. Makes playing those Ortona scenarios so much easier!


Website updated.

November 30 2007

With the coming of the Air Pack, I've decided the site needs to be spiffied up. For those of you who have been here before, I'm sure you'll notice the change right away. By default, you now get the "Allies" themed site but if you miss the old Axis site, just click on the Axis medal on the top right. You'll now set your preference to the Axis theme. It's easy to switch sides, just click the Allies medal.

There are lot's of exciting times for Memoir fans ahead so I'm going to try to keep this site up to date this coming year. In the meantime, have a look around the new place...


Imminent Air Pack Release!

November 21 2007

Memoir '44 Air Pack

With the release of the Air Pack just a couple of weeks away, Days of Wonder has made available online the complete Air Pack rule book. In it, you'll find all of the in's and out's of how to incorporate the new Air Pack into every Memoir '44 expansion.

You can download it from Days of Wonder - Memoir '44 Air Pack.

I had a lot of fun playtesting and helping to develop this expansion. It lends a lot of replayability to the Memoir '44 gaming system. All of the scenarios can now be played using this expansion (or optionally not, your choice).

It also provides an easy retro fit for Scenario from the Front authors. Or the ability to instantly add Air to any scenario.

I look forward to recieving this expansion and will be posting a review with a couple of strategic tips shortly. In the mean for the scenarios that will come with it, here's a hint...get the Terrain Pack ;)

Keep 'em Flying!



What is Memoir'44?

Memoir '44 is a Days of Wonder historical game where players recreate battles from World War II.

Each scenario depicts the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Play develops through the use of Command cards and dice rolls until one side is victorious.

Easy to learn and fast-paced, Memoir '44 requires strategic card play, timely dice rolling and an aggressive, yet flexible battle plan to achieve victory!


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