Memoir ‘44 Online – Beta Report

June 13th, 2010

Memoir '44 OnlineD-Day +7.
It has now been a week since I received orders to take post and prepare for the invasion.  I had been out of training for some time, but like riding a bike, it all comes back as soon as you get on.

I mounted my Tiger but the engine wouldn’t start (java problems on my mac).  I grabbed the nearest halftrack (PC) and made my way to the front.  It served well but still suffered some mechanical problems.  Fortunately, the Tiger was fixed and I was back in full action!

7 days of battle behind me now and I will soon pull out of the line to rest and refit.  Herein is my intel report of what actions were encountered and what trials we faced and what we hope the outcome is.

Jumping into the crew commander spot, I knew I would like this tank.  The opticals are simply outstanding.  It was much like the model I had trained on (the boardgame itself!) and much better than the opticals on the old PzIII (some of you may know this as Vassal). Read the rest of this entry »

Online Memoir ‘44 – Beta Testing

June 6th, 2010

The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club!

Ok while not quite that restrictive,  Days of Wonder is keeping a tight leash on the beta testers.  For good reasons…none of which I can talk about. I was delighted to receive an email about becoming a beta tester for the new Online Memoir ‘44 game.  I had an opportunity to get into some games today and had a great time.  I think this is going to be very popular.  Unfortunately, I can’t say more here.  Fortunately, DoW has a forum that we can discuss the game on.  You can find it here – Online Memoir ‘44 forum

I hope to get a chance to play all of you online very soon!

Life in 10mm

May 6th, 2010

Pendraken 10mm German InfantryOk, a little high on the geek factor but I got tired of the infantry stomping on the tanks! I now have the infantry to size in both German and Commonwealth forces (US next…then Russia…then Japan…well, we’ll see about that). Obviously smaller than I am used to, they really make the battlefield come to life. Surprisingly easy to paint too! Hope to share more pictures soon!

Quick shout out to my Dutch friends, Happy Liberation Day!  (yesterday, I know…but it was also my wedding anniversary!)

95th Anniversary of the 2nd Battle of Ypres

April 22nd, 2010

Today is the 95th anniversary of the battle that is the subject of the game Dire Heroes.  As a thanks to those who have supported the game, I’m offering up a bonus extension of the game that consists of Advanced, Optional and Experimental rules.  I think this will be my last effort for the Great War.  Although there are so many more battles that could be authored on, the nature of the war is actually quite difficult to make an engaging game of.  World War II on the other hand…  ;)

Until then though, I hope you enjoy this bonus offering – Dire Heroes, the Advanced, Optional and Experimental rules.


Dire Heroes goes International

January 27th, 2010

Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres is now available internationally through

While the price is higher than Magcloud (which is only available in North America and the UK) the quality of the Lulu copy is about the same.

Lulu also affords me the opportunity to make this available as a download.

You can find out more at the page for Dire Heroes.

Dire Heroes now on Sale!

December 30th, 2009

Dire HeroesDire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres is now available for purchase with shipping to the US, UK and Canada only at this time but I’m working to make it available to my European friends.

Right now until Jan. 1st, MagCloud has a 25% off sale so it’s selling for just $4.80 USD (normally $5.40 USD)

Click here to check out a preview and to order.

Thanks to all of my supporters who were encouraging in making this a reality!