I’ve always been a huge fan of wargames. I can’t explain the allure, but I love ’em. Over the years, I migrated away from the burdensome hex and chits to the more tactile. I also don’t seem to have the time for the longer games anymore so light and fast is the key. Here are some of my favourites!

Dire Heroes

Dire Heroes is a Great War game rules booklet authored and produced here at Brummbar ’44.

Memoir ’44

Teachable in minutes and playing out in under an hour this game is for all ages and skill levels.

Tide of Iron

A scenario-based, tactical level game for two to four players, an instant classic!

Battle Academy

Excellent WW2 computer game! Playable solo or via email. Play against Brummbar!

Miscellaneous Games

Some of the content I’ve created is for other games too. But not enough to justify their very own page like the cool games above.

So here is where you can find the one off wargames content that you may also enjoy having.

Battleship Galaxies

This little gem of a game was lacking some story cohesion, so I made a nice simple campaign system for it. If you have Battleship Galaxies, this is a nice addition.

Gears of War

A fun two player co-op game that is difficult to win. I’ve made up the Troika as a template for use in the game.

Brummbar’s Painted Wargaming Pieces…