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VASSAL Tournament

Time GMT - 06:56 Sep 12 2007

Important Announcement - have decided to defer the Vassal game play to the Yahoo group that has been set up. I just don't seem to get online to play anymore and don't want to hold people up with expectations.

Yahoo group for Vassal Memoir '44

Thanks to everyone who did play in the previous tournaments! I hope to eventually catch you all online and play again.

We will be using the latest version of Vassal with the expansion modules (thanks to Bilben!) can download the latest version of the Vassal Memoir '44 module here.

If you wish to see the previous tournament results, click here.

Summer Offensive
Roll Call

Tournament Rules and Regulations

  • This tournament is played in accordance with the official tournament rules on the website.
  • A game ends as soon as one player achieves the required number of medals for victory.
  • Players, once assisged a position, are responsible for contacting and setting up the match with their opponent.
  • Scheduled games should be strictly adhered to. Keep in contact with your opponent and the referee should you need to re-schedule otherwise a 'reserve' player may take your place.
  • Each match will have one week to be played out. Should there be a problem in playing at any time let the referree know right away so re-scheduling or 'reserves' may be called up.
  • Upon Completion of the match, an AAR must be sent soonest to the refferee indicating final scores and any other battlefield information that may be relevant). One player must record and send the logfile to verify the game in order to be official.
  • All games must be played in accordance with the official Memoir44 rules and FAQs.
  • All Scenarios and scenario specific rules are official Memoir44 scenarios designed by Richard Borg.
  • VASSAL Conventions must be adhered to. For a running list of these please see here.
  • The refferee has the authority to make the final decission on any disputes that come about during the tournament.
  • Any spelling mistakes here should be excused... my spell checker isn't working.

This is not a political site, it is a fan site for the Days of Wonder game Memoir'44