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VASSAL Conventions

The following is a running list of conventions and etiquette that has developed while playing Memoir44 on the VASSAL system. If you have any conventions that have been missed please for additions.

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Drawing Cards -
    The player who is assigned to go first should take all of his cards first.
    Cards are drawn one at a time.
  3. Playing Cards -
    Cards are played to the center of the board, your opponent should then move that card to the discard pile.
  4. Ordering Units -
    Units that are to be ordered and moved, should be moved one hex at a time to prove legality of the move. Units that are ordered but are not moved must be marked as moved prior to any combat occuring. In the case of an Air Attack, indicate your targets by marking them as moved. You can then indicate which target you are attacking with the yellow combat markers.
  5. Combat -
    Use the yellow markers to indicate the attacking unit and the red marker to indicate the target unit. Only place one set of markers on the board and resolve that battle before moving on to the next battle. Before rolling the attack give your opponent a brief opportunity to play an ambush card. Once the attack had been rolled leave the red marker on the target effected until your opponent has suffered the results. You may then move on to the next attack.
  6. Casualties -
    Units destoryed in combat should be placed along your board edge to assist in confirmation of your opponents earned medals (thanks Zorz Serbia).
  7. Indicating the End of your Turn -
    To indicate the end of your turn draw your card (or cards in the case of a recon, discard the one not selected to the discard pile). You then let your opponent know you are done by hitting the 'Mov' button clearing the 'mark as moved' red indicators. Your opponents turn may now begin.

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