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VASSAL intro screen - load Memoir 44

Tutorial - Getting Online

Playing Memoir 44 on VASSAL is easy. Just download the two components above and follow these instructions.

  1. Launch Vassal - you will be presented with the screen 'Load Module' and find the Memoir 44 module on your system.
  2. The module will present you with the following screen....initiate online play as indicated below.

  3. From here you will need to connect to the server to meet other players and start an online game.
    First and formost...find someone to play against...they'll show up eventually. When they do, you will need to create a 'room' and then choose a scenario to play. Click on the 'connecting...' image for instructions.
  4. Once you have set up a scenario you will be asked what side you want to play. Pick your side.
  5. Now the other player will have to 'Synchronize'. He does that by right clicking on your name and choose the 'Synchronize' option.
  6. Now you are both ready to play
    Tip- When you sync with someone, you might not see the board right away...grab the bottom of the VASSAL window and drag up to reveal the board.

This is not a political site, it is a fan site for the Days of Wonder game Memoir'44