Tide of Iron

TIde of Iron boardgame

About Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron is a great WW2 boardgame!
A scenario-based, tactical level game for two to four players with a variety of maps, cards, objectives and victory conditions. A game will play out in around 1-2 hours (depending on scenario).

Tide of Iron offers a solid game play without being overly complex.

Tide of Iron Scenarios

With a solid background in Memoir ’44 scenario authoring, I dove right into writing scenarios for Tide of Iron immediately after getting the hang of the game.

Tide of Iron Articles

If I’ve written about Tide of Iron, here’s where you will find all of those articles.

Tide of Iron Extras

Here’s where you’ll find an assortment of Tutorials and other Extras to enhance the Tide of Iron experience. Happy Gaming!


Tide of Iron – Rules Clarifications Document
While not an official FAQ. This community generated Rules Clarification Document (RCD) is an excellent resource for Tide of Iron, highly recommended!

ToI - Card : StuG III
Haus rules for the StuG III - No Turret : Re-roll 1 defense die vs. direct vehicle attacks. -3 mp to Fire and Move

Commonwealth Units
Tide of Iron - Commonwealth unit stats cards.

Tide of Iron Online Resources


Making Hills
An old tutorial of mine that I dusted off and turned into a PDF for download. This is part one of my Making Memoir '44 Terrain tutorials.

Tutorial - Painting Tanks
Get some color on your tanks! It's easy to do and makes playing with them a whole lot more enjoyable...well worth the effort. I show you how to paint the Axis tanks step by step but the same technique can be applied to the Allied tanks.