Tide of Iron – Stalingrad Factory Fortress

A new scenario for Tide of Iron from boersma8, Stalingrad Factory Fortress sees the Germans and the Soviets slugging it out in the streets of Stalingrad. A new offering from Willem ‘boaersma8′ Boersma for Tide of Iron fans who are looking for something new from Fury of the Bear.

Stalingrad Factory Fortress requires the standard Tide of Iron game and the Fury of the Bear expansion.

2 thoughts on “Tide of Iron – Stalingrad Factory Fortress

  1. willem boersma

    A few minor corrections and clarifications:

    The exact title of the scenario should be Stalingrad- Factory Fortresses (so plural).

    As for the the barbed wire, tank traps and entrenchments shown on the map; this is an example. The Russians player may choose to place them in any legal hex as specified in the scenario special rules, so the special rule is not in addition to the obstacles etc. already shown!

    Enjoy the scenario!

  2. willem boersma

    Important errata and clarification!:

    In the scenario details it says that Russian reinforcements enter on the Soviet baseline. This is not entirely true. In fact they [b][u]must[/b] enter either on the “1” Russian command point marker or directly adjacent to it on the Soviet baseline (so in the building or balka hex). Should such a hex be occupied by (a) German unit(s), then Soviet reinforcements may not enter there. Should it be German-controlled but unoccupied, then Soviet reinforcements MAY enter there.

    As for the panzergrenadier and second-rate troop specilization tokens; these have not actually been released and therefore do not exist. They are specific to this scenario. Personally I’ve used the bronze and silver star tokens that come with the Normandy expansion for the second-rate troops and panzergrenadiers respectively. Obviously any other form of distinguishing these troops from regular and/or other specialized troops will do!

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