Tide of Iron scenario - Molten Fireball at Hill 168

Tide of Iron – Normandy Campaign Update

The Canadians in Normandy TOI Campaign is one step closer to completion. With the final play test of Molten Fireball at Hill 168 complete, this brings the campaign to a current total of seven scenarios (includes a couple of already released scenarios). Three more scenarios are in the planning stage.

The campaign, while utilizing existing campaign rules, is a bit of a departure in that both the Axis and Allied player(s) will progress their units throughout the campaign. Custom campaign rules will be included in the final book along with some new special rules and units.

Moving forward though, I am taking a little side step and am working on developing a Tide of Iron Airborne rules concept. Just a quick little scenario to prove the concept. More to follow on this development…

3 thoughts on “Tide of Iron – Normandy Campaign Update

  1. Brummbär Post author

    Yes and no. A lot of the scenarios are complete but not all of them. Then it’s a matter of putting it all together. More work than one would think. I wonder if there is enough interest from the community to light a fire under my butt to complete it?

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