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For the Memoir ’44 Volk!

While I may be more Tide of Iron oriented lately, it doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect the M’44 community. I still have that Hong Kong campaign to complete along with a couple of others as yet unpublished (or even mentioned). Today I have on offer, The Encirclement of Nancy, A Memoir ’44 Overlord scenario (requires the Terrain Pack) that sees the German forces in the city of Nancy being encircled by U.S. forces.

Otherwise, The Canadians in Normandy Campaign for Tide of Iron is rolling along. There are a couple of scenarios already published here (the opening scenario, Assault on Putot-en-Bessin and Worthington Force) with an additional six to make for a robust campaign for both the Allies and Axis sides. All wrapped in a high end graphic treatment and some goodies thrown in 😉

More info to follow…

In the meantime, happy gaming and I hope you enjoy The Encirclement of Nancy!


Overlord expansionThe latest offering from Days of Wonder was put to the test yesterday…well…sort of.

You see, the usual suspects of the Vassal community got together and played what turned out to be a wildly unpredictable game of Memoir ’44 Overlord (Peleliu Landings). Normally, we play from the rules issued with the original base game but on this day, we had the opportunity to take advantage of the new rules which happened to cover the Pacific Theater. This came in very handy (though, more for our Marine opponents than us Japanese!). They clarified that issue and I noticed that the Eastern Front and Air Pack expansions are also covered.

While we didn’t get a chance to use the new deck, I was able to reference them throughout the game. They are much clearer in who can do what. I am also a little relieved that they have decided to go with a lone deck specifically for Overlord. I played Overlord a couple of times and I hated having to divy up the cards afterward (one deck was slightly more used and I wanted to keep those together etc…)

As for the game…we lost…but barely, were it but for the luck of the roll….but that’s classic Memoir ’44 for you. Thanks to Coltsfan, Sam, TommieSL and Tank Commander for the game. Hope to do it again.