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Games for the Holidays

It is time to start thinking about what to get that wargamer for the coming holiday season. In light of that, I have some suggestions based on the games I have played and enjoyed. Here I break them down in terms of what that special someone likes and what they will likely want next.

Let’s start with those who have yet to play Memoir ’44, my suggestion – Memoir ’44! It’s a great game that will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment for 2 players.

Ok, ok….if you are on this site, chances are you know about Memoir ’44 so let’s see what is a good idea after that. There are a lot of expansions that I can suggest here but it would take up the whole post (see the Supplies page for ideas there). So my recommendation for the M’44 fan is the – Memoir ’44 Campaign Book:Volume I. This one adds 50+ new scenarios and ties them together in campaigns and Grand Campaigns. The Normandy Campaign is playable with just the base game of Memoir ’44 (authored by yours truly).

For more Memoir ’44 players, try the Overlord expansion. It allows up to 8 players and makes for a different play. You’ll need any one of the Battle Maps to accompany it for the full experience (Hedgerow Hell or Tigers in the Snow or the new Sword of Stalingrad).

For those M’44 players who want to get a little deeper into wargaming I strongly suggest Tide of Iron. It’s a much more challenging game but with more control, it feels a lot less random than M’44. If they already have Tide of Iron, and enjoy it, I recommend any of the expansions that have come out, they are all good (see the Supplies page for more). Tide of Iron also has more of a multi-player support with up to 4. Be warned though, it is more time demanding than M’44.

For something different yet still accessible I really enjoyed a couple from the Axis & Allies series. Axis & Allies:D-Day introduces wargame sequences through the use of cards. While Axis & Allies:Battle of the Bulge has a fluid front and deals with the classic wargame problem of supply. Though these games have a limited replay value (not scenario based) they are still a great addition to any collection.

Looking for a good multi-player wargame? I would suggest the following…

Conquest of the Empire is set in ancient Rome and is a fun classic that offers two ways to play (Classic and II). The components are amazing (and right now, the price is amazing!).

Viktory II is another excellent multi-player game that is in the vein of Risk but plays out much better.

Well, that about covers off what I would suggest for the game players holiday wishlist.

Memoir ’44 Scenario – Trick or Treat?!

m18 Hellcat - Memoir '44

Hellcats Race to Noville is a new Memoir ’44 scenario. This scenario depicts the race of Team Desobry to prevent the 2nd Panzer Division from threatening the Bastogne flank. It features a new Haus Rule about the M18 Hellcat tank destroyers.

Sounds like a Halloween treat? Maybe, but the Trick is I haven’t had a chance to playtest it! LOL! Drop me a line if you love it or hate it…and why.

Happy Halloween!

Sicily Scenarios for Vassal

I’ve now upgraded the Brummbär Vassal extension to include the new trio of Sicily scenarios.  You can find it here – Memoir ’44 Vassal: Brummbär extension version 0.6

You will need to download it to your extension folder replacing the Brummbär extension that is now there.

Let me know if something is out of place.  I haven’t worked in Vassal for a month or so now and it seemed too easy so I’m sure I did something wrong.  🙂

Calling all Vassal Players…

Memoir '44 scenario

Update! – The Air Pack extension is ready! Visit my Vassal page for details. This was an extensive upgrade to not only create the extension but the main module itself needed to be upgraded. It’s all now available at VassalEngine.org

Brent and Tim over at the Vassal forums are really helping me out with it…a big thanks to them (esp. Tim, lot’s of good advice and help)!

Haus Rules – Mobile Artillery

This is another Haus Rule that has a direct change to the rules as published. The Mobile Artillery rule (or, as they are more commonly know as, Self-Propelled Artillery) is very harsh indeed. The ability for it to move 1 and fire in effect makes it similar to a very devistating infantry. It is simply too much and find it really unbalances any game it is in.

In order to take them to a more sane level here is my Haus Rule…

big gunsMobile Artillery
Unit may either Battle or Move 2 hexes.

This keeps them from getting too heavy too soon. As it is, they can still move twice as far as Artillery, so they will get themselves into a good firing position faster. Try it out.