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Disaster at Dieppe Published!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Memoir '44 scenario

As part of my winning entry to the Days of Wonder Air Pack painting contest, the gang there gave me the opportunity to publish one of my scenarios in an upcoming Game Trade Magazine. Having revised my Disaster at Dieppe scenario (it was truly a disaster!) I thought it would be a good choice. You can find this in issue #97.

On another note… I recently obtained some of the Ceasar Miniatures – Resistance fighters. More on that soon.

New Memoir ’44 Scenario!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Not sure how this one crept in under the radar (or maybe it’s just me?) but I noticed in the Jan. issue of Game Trade Magazine there is a new Pacific Theater scenario involving the Japanese and the British. It’s done in the format of the new Air Pack book (which we can assume will be the standard from here on in).

Looks like a good one. Check it out here – Defense of Meiktila (link no longer works, removed)

Memoir ’44 Vassal Pack

Sunday, December 9th, 2007
Memoir '44 Air Pack

Just about to head online in a bit to play some M’44 via vassal. I’ve been given permission from Days of Wonder to include in my latest update the new Richard Borg scenario – Baraque de Fraiture (Parker’s Crossroads). This scenario will also be the finals in the Fall Brawl tournament scheduled for the 9th.

Also included are my Ortona trilogy, Breaking the Hitler line and Disaster at Dieppe Update! I had set the extension up incorrectly, I have now corrected it but for now the only scenario in it is the new DoW Holiday Greeting scenario. Download the extension and save it to your mod_ext folder. (note; you’ll also need the Eastern Front extension to play this scenario

Grab the Memoir ’44 Vassal pack here!