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Haus Rules - Mobile Artillery

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

This is another Haus Rule that has a direct change to the rules as published. The Mobile Artillery rule (or, as they are more commonly know as, Self-Propelled Artillery) is very harsh indeed. The ability for it to move 1 and fire in effect makes it similar to a very devistating infantry. It is simply too much and find it really unbalances any game it is in.

In order to take them to a more sane level here is my Haus Rule...

big gunsMobile Artillery
Unit may either Battle or Move 2 hexes.

This keeps them from getting too heavy too soon. As it is, they can still move twice as far as Artillery, so they will get themselves into a good firing position faster. Try it out.

Haus Rules - the Cambush

Monday, January 14th, 2008

At the Memoir '44 forums Doc Halloween has asked an interesting question... What house rules do you play with? In general, I play strictly by the rules printed with a few exceptions where I think the rule is wrong (Special Forces infantry on a road) or completely broken (Big Guns, SP Artillery).

Of course, I have also tinkered with my own additive rules which I'll share in installments then perhaps put into a complete document. So for my first installment I'd like to introduce the Cambush rule...

If a unit is camouflaged and is about to be attacked, it may roll 1 die, if the result is a Star, it gets to conduct an ambush.