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Welcome to the Scenario section of the site.

Here You can find Strategic Advice for some of the harder fought scenarios with spoilers on how to win them (well, if the cards and dice aren't against you!) I'll also be recommending some of the Scenario's from the Front to help you decide which ones are worth setting up for and of course there are the few scenarios available that I have written (which some have decided aren't worth the set up ...hehehe).

Strategic Advice

Scenario #29A - Code named Yellow Beach the Royal Marines struggle at Dieppe. Find out how to win this one.

Brummbär Recommends

[Stalingrad] Operation Winter Storm - #1743U
by: Yangtze -
A great mix of terrain and units with an interesting twist.

[Third Battle of Kharkov] Operation STAR - #1854U by: Brycie35 -
Few units but this game is wide open.

Scenario's from the Front review criteria.

There are plenty of good scenarios out there, but what makes them good? Well that was a question I started asking myself. I think I can break them down as follows...

Historical Accuracy - is it historically representative to the actual situation? This covers the level of research, terrain, and how it was adapted for playability.

Balance - The game can be off balance but needs to be applicable to an expert/novice offset. However, the more balanced it plays out the better but not at the sacrifice of historical accuracy.

Inventiveness - Does the scenario bring something new to the game without being excessive with special rules? Also, are the special rules applicable and necessary, do they really factor in the play of the game or are they just something extra to remember only to be forgotten when the rare need for them comes up?

Playability - This can be the overriding factor. Was the game fun to play? Do you want to play it again? ...right away?



Disaster at Dieppe.

Among 5000 Canadians the casualty rate was close to 70 percent. More than 900 Canadians died - almost a third as many as all the allied dead on D-Day. A costly lesson that saved many lives on that day in Normandy two years later.

Canadians in Normandy Scenarios -

Juno - 7th Brigade

Recreate the Canadian D-Day landings with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles and the Regina Rifles on their sector of the beach.

Juno - 8th Brigade

Recreate the Canadian D-Day landings with the Queen's Own Rifles and the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment on their sector of the beach.

Juno - Overlord version

7th and 8th Brigade scenarios combined to create a Memoir 44 Overlord scenario.

Battle of the Bridgehead - Revised Official DoW version

9th Brigade makes a move on the airfield at Carpiquet and runs right into the 12th SS Panzer Division. Carnage ensues!


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