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Strategic Review - #29A [Dieppe] Yellow Beach

Memoir '44 - DieppeGoebbels battery is the objective. Try to keep that in mind but at the same time avoid it! This is a very challengng scenario and would be a good one for a mismatched skill level game (the stronger player on the Allies).

The ideal opening card would be Barrage...barring that, Air Power. Don't have any of those? Then you'll have to clear it the old fashioned way.

Yellow I is the strongest of your forces and should be used wisely. Their first task is immediately obvious, clear the wire. They will suffer some fire but the key here is to open a lane and keep out of the 2 dice range of those guns. So stear clear of the cusp wire and work around to the flank.

There will be a spirited fight with the two units in the bags, expect it but being able to rapidly advance up the beach, you should prevail and remember to always keep out of the 2 range. By now, the Jerries will be on to you and might have that dangerous engineer unit close at hand. Deal with them if you must but remember the objective.

Memoir '44Hopefully, once you have cleared the units in the bags you can now stage the final assault. Gather yourself as close to the range border as you can and in fact, you might have to go into it a bit. Be aware of the units behind the guns, but don't let them deter you. If you have had to play any right flank cards, perhaps those units will have diverted their attention.

Now go for it! Attack with everything you have left against that battery. You may get pushed with flags but it's not so bad now that you have worked you way around to the fact, it will be an advantage should a counter attack come from the units in the towns behind the guns. Unless you can win by taking the objective after knocking out the guns, don't. Hide out in the hills and deal with any infantry that tries to cross the open ground to take up residence in the bunker.

You can win this one as the Allies, but it will take some luck (cards and dice just need to be fair for both sides...should the Axis get really good with one or the other it will be almost impossbile). It will take some smarts and a slip here or there by your opponent will certainly help.

Good solid scenario for a veteran player against a recruit - star rating


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