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Operation Overlord, PARA phase, Scenario 02 - St.Mere Eglise - Return to Tournament Page

Axis 5 vs. Allies 6
Chris Roper - Axis: 1 medal
Bilben - Allies: 4 medals

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Total casualties:
Axis - 16
Allies - 12

Allies Report:
The parachute drop went badly for the Allies with only 2 units landing safely. But fortunately those units landed in good spots, one adjacent to the lone center Axis infantry and the other in the Allies left flank (where they need reinforcements). The Allies were able to destroy the Axis infantry in the center in the initial few turns. The Axis advanced on both flanks with little casualties inflicted on either side. The Allies played "Their Finest Hour" and eliminated a unit on their left flank and reduced an Axis unit on their right flank to just one figure. Fire was exchanged on both flanks for a couple turns with a some casualties on both sides, but no unit losses. Then the Axis eliminated one of the forward Allied infantry in the center. The Allies then were able to play "Infantry Assault" for two turns in a row and the second time resulted in the two Axis units being destroyed to end the battle.

Submitted by - Bilben on 08/31/05
Verified by - Chris Roper on 08/31/05

Axis Report;
The German Commander, having not properly decoded the output of his ENIGMA machine, pitched up 2 hours early. The Captain was on scene, however, and obliged with a training exercise, after which the Germans retired to the mess tent for what they hoped would not be a last supper.

At spot on 18:30 ZULU the sky filled with parachute canopies. One Squad missed the drop zone and the unit holding St.Mere-Eglise shot one down. Unfortunately the final two squads landed either side of the town, opened fire and cost the brave defenders a 75% reduction in manpower. Deciding that withdrawal was the best option, the squad darted into the woods, but the stubborn paratroops pursued and killed our brave unit to gain the first medal of the battle.

We then decided to attack on the right and moved forward, alas the Allies where ready and the attack was pushed back. Not to be dissuaded, we then moved up on the left, without firing, and took two hits in return fire.

Having established a firing line, the brave German Grenadiers open up, at range, on both fronts, and the resulting Fire Fight cost the Allies their first 3 casualties. Unfortunately the sandbags held up on the allies left flank.

In their finest hour the allies massacred a unit on our Right flank, decimated one on our Left, and forced a retreat in the center left. We were not demoralized, however, and forced him back on the right flank before taking another casualty on the left. Pushing home the advantage the Grenadiers forced the Allies to retreat again on the right, whilst the left flank attacked bravely eliminating one squad and critically wounding another.

At this point the Allies suddenly found new courage. Two successive waves of infantry broke the moral of the remaining troops, who fled in search of their last breakfast, before the Fuhrer found out. I am still trying to catch up with my troops and it is with shame, that I agree with the Allied commanders log of the events :(. I hope to boost the moral of my troops with the promise of a quiet weekend on the beach, if I ever manage to catch the Buggers.

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