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Operation Overlord, PARA phase, Scenario 02 - St.Mere Eglise - Return to Tournament Page

Axis 3(r) vs. Allies 4(r)
Brummbar - Axis: 3 medals
Philips - Allies: 4 medals

Download the Combat Log here
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Total casualties:
Axis - 19
Allies - 24

Axis Report:
Called up for active duty the Axis commander started to recieve report of Allied paratroopers landing in and around St. Mere Eglise. The drop went perfect for the Allies this day and not a single unit was lost in the jump. We had a report out of the town that the position was being overrun by Allied airborne elements.

Axis command immediately took action to secure the area and after some positioning and initial skirmishes managed to destroy a unit on a 'behind enemy lines' action. The Allied command immediatley retaliated with an mission of their own whereby a lone para unit armed with PIAT's swiftly attacked and destroyed our only panzers on the ground.

The situation for the Axis seemed to be getting worse as a barrage was brought to bear on an already half strength unit protecting the left flank. Forutnately the unit evacuated the position staving off disaster.

The Axis forces were able then to bring pressure on the remaining Allied forces who manuvered quickly to avoid defeat. Although the Allies suffered major losses they ultimately won the day and held the ground.

A fierce and spirited battle was fouhgt by both sides.

Submitted by - Brummbar on 09/06/05
Verified by - Philips on 09/05/05

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