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Operation Overlord, BEACH phase, Scenario 05 - Omaha Beach (First Wave)- Return to Tournament Page

Axis 3 vs. Allies 2
Brummbar - Axis: 6 medals
Captain Ruiz- Allies: 3 medals

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Total casualties:
Axis - 11
Allies - 23

Axis Report:
In the early morning hours our sentries were alerted to what appeared to be landing craft coming in. Forward obeservation spotters quickly confirmed seeing allied troops having their last smoke before entering the battle. The Axis guns opened up on the incoming craft with minor effects.

The Allies began their landing. Allied naval gun fire was brought to bear on one of batteries effectively knocking it completely out of action. Minor advances were attempted on the flanks but the main Allied attack was focused in the center to which the Axis forces proved somewhat feeble. An Axis general advance was ordered...the effect, though not what was desired was effective.

The Allies continued their advance in the center in which they made little headway and had some units vulnerable to Axis fire. The Axis forces tried their best to capitalize on the situation but were soon frustrated in their efforts. So much so that, with victory in sight, they couldn't stay at their posts and brought the battle directly to the beleagured Allies. To no avail. The Axis units had failed in the assualt to win the battle and were now exposed on the beach.

With the opportunity afforded them, an Allied Ranger unit made it's way into Vierville- sur-mere capturing a medal for the Allies. An Axis unit still on the beach tried again for the Allied armor that had hunkered down in the sea wall, again failing to defeat it. An Allied armor unit in the center then tried but failed to defeat the Axis infantry unit so exposed. In a desperate final attack, the Axis infantry close assaulted the intended armor and Allied morale was finally broken.

Submitted by - Brummbar on 09/06/05
Verified by - Captain Ruiz on 09/06/05

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