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Ok, so it only toook two+ years to get around to writing this tutuorial...which is really more like a guideline as you really have to apply it practically to get the techniques down. But with a little patience and time you will have very good looking figs with little effort.

Steps that are in Green are the basic steps...Blue are intermediate and Red are advanced.

  • Wash your figs with dishsoap and rinse...let dry

  • using a glue gun, glue each fig to the head of a nail (with a decent sized head) and place point down into a block of foam. This makes it easier to paint and hold them and allows them to dry.

  • Prime with a grey acrylic interior primer spray paint that you can get from your local hardware store. This step I have found is not necessary but makes the lighter colors (like skin tone) go on consistently.

  • Base coat. Paint the tanks and guns the underlying color (again, you can find acrylic paints from your hardware store, I use Delta Ceramacoat). Get a bunch of primary color paints and you can mix them into any color...for allied tanks...get a brown, green. Use these to make the kahki. For the Axis can get away with grey and a little blue...or if you want to go with authentic color like I did, use a lighter brown with a touch of green. For the infantry paint the flesh first..a light tan with white usually suits. The official colors for those of you who really want accuracy are...
    • Axis armor - Panzer Dunkergelb 1943 (testors 4796)
      - cam 1 - Panzer Schokoladenbraun (testors ?)
      - cam 2 - Panzer Olivgrun 1943 (testors ?)
    • Allies armor - Olive Drab (testors 4728)
      - cam - flat black

  • Clothes...paint the base colors of the rest of your infantry. You can start painting cam on your guns and tanks if you wish as well.

  • paint you will need to do some experimentation to find the right consistency...but if you take just a drop of black and add water to it bit by bit you will get to a point where the flow will not be a paint coat but rather a wash. It will run into the cracks which will give the fig depth.

  • you again will need to experiment to get the right technique...but basically you mix up a lighter version of your base coat for the tanks and guns and clothes. Then using a brush with some of this mixed paint on it wipe most of it off on a paper towel until there is hardly anything ont he brush...then lightly brush across the fig...this highlights details and makes it look like light is reflecting off of the fig (like the way sunshine)...combined with paint washing this technique really brings the figs to life.

  • Details...paint all of the little details like equipment...tracks...eyes..whatever you have the time and patience for.

  • Seal...plastic figs have a drawback, because they can be flexed they can lose their paint in chunks! A tragedy after spending so much time painting them. To prevent this and get years of use out of them I highly recommend sealing the paint. To do this again I refer to Delta Ceramacoat...they have a matte finish product that is milky white but dries clear. Use that to brush on after the figs have been painted and dried. Put on 2 coats if possible.

That's about it...hope that helps.

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