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Painting the Memoir 44 Wire!

One of the first things I painted right out of the box was the wire. It just didn't look like anything in it's original state and it looked easy enough to paint so I thought I would have a go. It was easy to get it looking good and quick. Because I think anyone can do it I thoguht this would be the first tutorial to write.

You will need the following to paint up the wire and seal it so it is ready for play;

  • The Wire (obviously)
  • Paint (I use Testors Acryl series but you can easily get away with Folk Art arcylic for this project)
    • Silver
    • Black
  • Brushes ( I will be posting what brushes I use but this one certainly can be any small brush)
    • for paint (a fair size, can't read what's on mine but something that will coat in a few strokes)
    • for wash (probably thhe same brush in this case)
  • Water
  • Nails (Size??)
  • Foam square 1" thick
  • Hot Glue Gun

To make painting easier I have come across what I think is the best method to set up so far.

  1. Take your foam square and set holes in it using a nail. These should be set at about one inch intervals. Don't try to poke all the way through just enough so that you can stably put the nail on later.
  2. Using the hot glue gun put a little hot glue onto the head of a nail.. before it sets attach the wire piece bottom to the head of the nail.
  3. place the glued piece into one of your pre made holes in the foam.
  4. repeat for the rest of the pieces.
  5. Once all of the pieces have been set up you are ready to paint

The advantage to this method is many... it is very easy to work on each piece and very stable (works on my heavy lead Tigers!).. it is instant (I've tried white glue before..forget it!).. and the peice comes right off no problem when it comes time to remove (worst case you may have to scrape some off with your fingernail).

Painting the wire is very easy. Ready? here it is...

  1. Base coat in silver paint... paint the whole thing, get in between the spaces (you could probably use a silver spray paint ot speed the process up)... allow to dry
  2. Blackwash... use just a drop of black paint and add 15 drops of water... this will give you a nice blackwash mix... blackwash the whole thing and make sure it satys in the gaps... allow to dry

If you play with it now it will be ok but... the paint may flake off over time so the best thing to do is seal it... in fact on the wire peices the sealing actually makes them shiny. I used a shiny coat varnish spray from my local hardware store. Allow to dry.


That's it!

This is not a political site, it is a fan site for the Days of Wonder game Memoir'44