Dire Heroes – Coming Soon to Vassal

German Troops - Dire Heroes

First things first, check out the miniatures above!  Bayernkini has done an amazing job on these.  Throw him a thumb on BGG if you like them.

I also have to thank Bayernkini for getting me back on track with the Dire Heroes Vassal module.  He has laid a good foundation and I’ve picked up the torch again to get back on it.  I’m hoping to offer that up soon so if you own a copy, you’ll be sure to get this as well.

For those who don’t yet own a copy, I’ll be offering a demo on how to play Dire Heroes via Vassal.

PBEM (play by email) and Live modules should be available soon!

Memoir ’44 Online and the Gold Ingot debate

If you are a M’44 fan, you’ll know by now that DoW has opened up it’s beta of M’44 online to practically everyone. As a result, I can now talk more openly about costs and the experience I’ve had so far.

Most folks are concerned about the cost of the pay per play model that DoW has in place currently. I don’t have much of a problem with the system in general. I bought (that’s right, with my own hard earned money!) 1000 GI’s in the beta and after 165 pvp games (not sure how many against Cadet Johnny but quite a few!) am down to just over 600 GI’s. To be honest, I’ve been frugal. I’ve never liked the pay for elites part of the system so I take my chances without them. Of course the GI’s last longer but I am always hesitant to play the scenarios that have elites (or French resistance etc..).

While I am a fan of flat costs, one thing I’ve discovered is that will really be the least of my worries. The main factor I’ve discovered is how quickly you become bored of the same basic scenarios. Again, I’m not half way through my GI’s and I feel like I’ve played them all to death (some more than others…there simply is no incentive to play the Axis in Arnhem Bridge for example…it’s very costly and I’m quite likely to lose…why even waste GI’s and playtime on it?!).

Expert mode on the other hand is what holds any appeal for me now. There will be a bigger catalogue of scenarios (not all of them mind you…at least when last I saw it). Unfortunately, it might be a way off yet. But it is certainly on the right track.

I have enjoyed the beta play to this stage and I do really think that the folks at DoW have done a great job of it. I just hope they find a system that people will be happy with and that makes it rewarding enough for them to continue to develop it.

Hope to catch you online!

…and the winners are…

First, I would like to thank everyone for entering.  It was quite a response, unfortunately, I suspect there were a number of folks who legitimately registered but neglected to enter the Name field which disqualified them.  Sorry, but I also had more spambots sign on so it was near impossible to tell who was legit.

The good news for those who did enter correctly is the competition was reduced.  So without further ado…the winners of a copy of Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres are (as randomly generated by a program I found online)….

  • Bill Budd
  • Nybba
  • Trains1
  • Nemesszilli
  • Goober_357

If you are one of the lucky winners, please cantact me with your mailing address and let me know if you would like your copy signed.

For everyone who registered, sorry you didn’t win. Don’t worry though, as a registered user of the site, you are in for some exclusive treats in the coming months.  If you did register but didn’t enter a name in the Name field, your records have been purged (along with the many spambots!).  Please register again and be sure to include your name in the Name field so I know you are human and like everyone else who has registered, you’ll be getting access to exclusive content in the future.

Thanks again everyone!

If You Own Memoir ’44, You Practically Own This Game – Dire Heroes Contest

Contest is now closed, stay tuned for the winners announcement.

If you own a copy of the base game of Memoir ’44, you qualify for this contest.


Because that is what you need to play Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres, a set of Great War rules that I authored to be played specifically with a single base game set of Memoir ’44.

Between now and October 29th if you register as a subscriber (be sure to login and fill in your name after registration) to Brummbar44.com your name will be entered to win one of 5 copies.

Winners will be announced on Brummbar44.com on October 30th.

Current subscribers will also qualify as long as the Name fields are filled in. Look for the Registration link along the right column or just click here to Register.

(note; subscribers without a Name will be purged from my database on Oct. 31st, I have a lot of spambots that I need to get rid of).

Privacy statement – your email and other account information will never be given to third parties.  Subscribers will have access to some exclusive content on the Brummbar44.com website.

Thanks and good luck!

Review of Duel of the Giants

Duel of the Giants is a Z-Man game that sees tank to tank combat on the Eastern front circa 1943.  It was a good game with some great components.  I recently wrote a review for it (posted on BoardGameGeek.com) and created  a player aid (also available on BGG…well, when it is approved).  For you M’44 players, this is a game that is different than what you are used to but still nice and light.