Memoir ’44

Memoir '44 boardgame

About Memoir ’44

Memoir ’44 is such a good game, it’s the reason this site exists!  Since 2004 when the game first came out I’ve enjoyed the quick, fun yet historical board game. Teachable in five minutes and playing out in under an hour this game is for all ages and skill levels. This game is a ‘must have’ in your games collection.

Memoir ’44 Scenarios

Memoir ’44 scenarios are a great way to learn about history and have fun at the same time.  I’ve enjoyed authoring a number of scenarios for Memoir ’44.  I even initiated the Campaign system that went on to become two books of which I authored the Normandy campaign in the first volume and had the honour of working with Mr. Richard Borg himself and his brilliant scenarios in the second volume.  Here you can find my Memoir ’44 scenarios, I hope you enjoy.

Memoir ’44 Articles

Over the years I’ve written numerous articles about Memoir ’44.  Some are instructional like the popular Making Memoir ‘44 Dice Tutorial a few are rants or raves and everything in between. They all capture a moment in the history of this site. 

Memoir ’44 Extras

Here you’ll find an assortment of Memoir ’44 Campaigns, Tutorials and some extras to add some spice to your M’44 experience.  Happy Gaming!


Tanks a Lot – Memoir ’44 Reference Page
A list of some light quick M’44 reading compiled by my friend Tanks a Lot.

Memoir '44 Players Aid
This version was complete from back in 2008!

Advanced Memoir '44
Some fun rules and units to add more to the standard Memoir '44 game.

B44 for M44
An alternate, dice based system for playing Memoir '44

Memoir ’44 Online Resources


Memoir '44 Hasty Campaign - Normandy, The American Experience
A Memoir '44 campaign original design from Brummbar44

Battle Commander Campaign
A light and quick Memoir '44 campaign system playable with just the basic game of Memoir '44


Making Hills
An old tutorial of mine that I dusted off and turned into a PDF for download. This is part one of my Making Memoir '44 Terrain tutorials.

Tutorial - Painting Tanks
Get some color on your tanks! It's easy to do and makes playing with them a whole lot more enjoyable...well worth the effort. I show you how to paint the Axis tanks step by step but the same technique can be applied to the Allied tanks.

M'44 Dice Decals
Complete set for Xmas '09

Making Memoir ‘44 Dice Tutorial
How to make your own set of Memoir ‘44 dice.

Memoir ‘44 scenario writing tutorial
The fundamentals to writing a Memoir ‘44 scenario.