M44 for a quick diversion

Although I have Tide of Iron all set up in the games room…we were looking for something lighter and quicker to play a few days ago. Lo and behold, Memoir ’44 jumped out at me. I grabbed up the base copy I have (no painted anything! No custom terrain!! Seemed odd…but we wanted it to be quick) we then set up to play.

Battle of the Bridgehead was a loose sheet sitting on top of everything. Knowing it was a 50/50 battle, I set it up (also quick to set up I might add!). It wasn’t long into the game when I recalled just how much the dice hate me (and favoured my long standing opponent…and spouse!). It turned out to be a close game 5:4 but ultimately my panzers just couldn’t win the day.

It was on to Sainte-Mere-Eglise. A very successful paradrop from my better half pinned in my left flank. While my right flank cleared the hill and started supporting the namesake town, the left flank continued to crumble (now it seems the cards also conspire against me!). Being the clever Hans that I am, I moved a lone infantry figure who bore the brunt of one devastating dice roll (Three hits! Again!! …did I mention how much dice hate me?) out of range…only to see him vanish in a withering barrage. I lost 4:2.

Sword beach is now set…

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