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Memoir '44 core game

Memoir '44: Air Pack

I was proud to be a participant in this one. Adds a whole new element to the game!

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Memoir '44 core game

Memoir '44 - Core Game

Easy to learn and fast-paced, Memoir '44 requires strategic card play, timely dice rolling and an aggressive, yet flexible battle plan to achieve victory!

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Memoir '44 Terrain expansion pack

Memoir '44: Terrain Pack

The Memoir'44 Terrain Pack Expansion brings with new terrain pieces, new elite unit badges, and additional victory medals. This expansion also includes dozens of new game elements, including rules for North African warfare, minefields, big gun markers, radar stations, supply depots, airfields and more.

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Memoir '44 Easter Front Expansion

Memoir '44: Eastern Front

Eastern Front expansion is devoted to the ferocious battles that pit the Axis and Soviet forces against each other. You get a Soviet army, more terrain tiles and plenty of East Front scenarios.

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Memoir '44 Pacific Theater expansion

Memoir '44: Pacific Theater

The Pacific Theater expansion introduces new units, new weapons, new terrains and featuresand new figures. Plus new scenarios and new rules.

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Memoir '44 Board expansion

Memoir '44: Winter/Desert board map

A new double-sided Battlefield board for Memoir'44. Featuring frozen expanses on one side, desert ones on the other. Also includes a simple set of Campaign rules to link scenarios together and Blitz rules for Early War conflict.

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Vassal - Play the game online with this Java program

Bilben's Yahoo group for playing Memoir '44 via the Vassal system.

Memoir 44 Official Site from Days of Wonder games

Yangtze's Memoir 44 page - List of all of Yangtze's scenarios and an Eastern Front Campaign guide.

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This is not a political site, it is a fan site for the Days of Wonder game Memoir'44