Juno Beach - Overlord Version

Scenario #Juno - June 6 1944 - By: Brummbar

Set-up Order

Historical Background:
Juno beach was the beach assigned to the Canadian 3rd Divsion. 7th Brigade was to assualt the heavily fortified port of Courseulles-sur-mer. 8th Brigade, on 7th's left, was to clear the beach and head inland toward Caen the British D-Day objective. Because of the offshore reef a later landing would have to happen than on Gold or Sword.

The 3rd Canadian division lost 946 Casualties and had the rare distinction of having units meet their D-Day objectives.

Axis - 7 cards, Axis moves first
Allies - 9 cards

Conditions of Victory:
12 medals

Allies are awarded one medal for each unit that exits the board off of the Axis side.

Special Rules:
Sniper (Axis Medal denotes Sniper): Infantry, 1 unit. Move 2 and no fire, or move 1 and fire 1,1,1,1,1 with no terrain penalties (e.g. firing into woods or buildings does not cause the -1 to the die roll). May fire after moving into restrictive terrain. May ignore retreat flags. May not be targeted by artillery units. Takes 2 hits in 1 roll of dice to eliminate. (This guy is hard to spot and if he's smart, takes his shot and slinks away.) Has no effect against armor units.

Minefield (Axis Special Forces marker denotes Mindfield): Many minefields were marked or cleared when discovered. Their impact on the course of the war was minimal, but they did serve to slow down forward movement. A minefield hex is known terrain. Units may enter a minefield but must stop upon entry. Infantry units entering the minefield immediately roll 1 die for any damage and apply the result (if any). Armor/artillery units roll 2 dice when entering minefields. After that, the hex is treated as if it had wire (the unit may either combat at -1 die or use its attack action to clear the minefield. Minefields are not automatically cleared by armor like wire. They (armor or infantry, but not artillery) must use an action to clear them.

AVRE Crabs - Auto remove mine when armour enter a mine hex. No need to stop - or extra movement penalty.

Seawall - Acts like sandbags but is a permanent defensive emplacement.

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Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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