Juno Beach - 8th Brigade

Scenario #1160U - June 6 1944 - By: Brummbar

Set-up Order

Historical Background:
Juno beach was the beach assigned to the Canadian 3rd Divsion. 8th brigade had the task of clearing the beach from St. Aubin to Bernieres. Also joining in on Juno was 48 Royal Marine Commando assigned to taking the battery at Langrune-sur-Mer and meet up with their commrades fromSword beach. Because of the offshore reef a later landing would have to happen than on Gold or Sword.

On Nan White sector the Queen's Own Rifles came ashore ahead of their tanks (who were late) at 0755 hrs. B Coy. landed 200 yards east of their planned position right in front of the Axis strongpoint. the High seawall was across 200 yards of open beach. A mad dash was needed to prevent further mounting casualties form the withering Axis fire. A Coy on the right didn't fair much better but with the Axis guns trained on B Coy they too madew a mad dash across the beach. In the opening minutes of the assault the QOR suffered a 50% casualty rate.

On Nan Red, the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment landed at 0800 hrs. Although A Coy. had relatively light opposition B Coy. faced a formidable Axis strongpoint. The guns in the strongpoint wreaked great havoc on the beach felling armour and infantry alike. It wasn't until a Royal Engineer AVRE used a petard to hurl a massive expolsive charge at the strongpoint which killed the gunners inside. It took until 1115 hrs. to silence the guns.

Also landing at Nan Red were the 48 RMC. After their considerable losses at sea the commandos were dismayed to find that the Canadians had not subdued their section at Nan Red. They were being picked off by snipers and small arms untill they could stabilze their position behind the seawall. They then set off on their dual objective role of taking the battery and hooking up with Sword. They were confounded by the strong fortification at Langrune-ser-Mer and after a 50% casualty rate failed to achieve either of their objectives.

Allies - 5 cards
Axis - 4 cards, Axis moves first

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals

Allies count one medal for each unit they exit off of the Axis side of the board.

Special Rules:
Allied Special Forces - These are the 48 Royal Marine Commando who lost significant numbers when their landing craft struck mines. They are represented by three fgiures but are treated as standard special forces for movement and combat.

Sniper - As per Sniper rules in the Eastern Front Expansion pack

Minefield - As per the Minefield rules in the Eastern Front Expansion pack.

AVRE Crabs - Auto remove mine when armour enter a mine hex. No need to stop - or extra movement penalty.

Seawall - Acts like sandbags but is a permanent defensive emplacement.

Scenario Bibliography:
See Juno - 7th Brigade for Bibliograhy notes.

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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