Juno Beach - 7th Brigade

Scenario #1142U - June 6 1944 - By: Brummbar

Set-up Order

Historical Background:
Juno beach was the beach assigned to the Canadian 3rd Divsion. 7th Brigade was to assualt the heavily fortified port of Courseulles-sur-mer. Because of the offshore reef a later landing would have to happen than on Gold or Sword.

At 0749 hrs. the Royal Winnipeg Rifles landed on the beach at Mike Green and Red sectors. Facing them were the attached 441st East Battalion consisting of volunteers from German occupied territories in the east. Although not as skilled as their German counterpart sthey put up a stiff resistance none the less. Here the supporting armour of the 1st Hussars were late to arrive and left the infantry to make their own way across the beach. The AVREs had navigation problems and also arrived late but were needed to clear the 2 exits off of the beach.

To the left the Regina Rifle Regiment on Nan Green sector had the unique task of not only doing a beach assualt this day but also clearing the town of Courseulles. Heavy resistance lay in front of them with 2 75mm and the feared 88mm situated in a strongpoint in the town itself. Street fighting was a bitter and prolonged struggle with a strongpoint at the outskirts of town and snipers within town delaying them further.

The 3rd Canadian division lost 946 Casualties and had the rare distinction of having units meet their D-Day objectives.

Axis - 4 cards, Axis moves first
Allies - 5 cards

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals

Allies are awarded one medal for each unit that exits the board off of the Axis side.

Special Rules:
Sniper - As per Sniper rules in the Eastern Front Expansion pack

Minefield - As per the Minefield rules in the Eastern Front Expansion pack.

AVRE Crabs - Auto remove mine when armour enter a mine hex. No need to stop - or extra movement penalty.

Seawall - Acts like sandbags but is a permanent defensive emplacement.

Scenario Bibliography:
Osprey Publishing - D-Day 1944 (4) Gold & Juno Beaches
Dan Van Der Vat - D-Day a People's History

Please note that this scenario was not approved by Richard Borg or Days of Wonder, so you have to check yourself about playability, potential gaming issues, etc.

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