Hong Kong – Memoir ’44 scenario

As regular visitors might note, I’ve been doing some upgrading to the site (yes, I am still alive!). I’ve done some maintenance and house cleaning and while I was at it a bit of a touch up on the look (what do you think?).

I’ve also opened up the Memoir ’44 scenarios posted (they used to be only for members of the site…but now they are open to all!). While I was at it, I posted a new scenario…  

Ok, maybe not new, but new to most of you. Hong Kong – the First Wave is actually a Memoir ’44 scenario that was part of the Hong Kong campaign I has planned to release a couple of winters ago. This scenario actually falls in the middle of the campaign. I’ll likely post them all eventually…along with the campaign concept. In the meantime, this should keep players a little busy.

You can find this and other scenarios on the Battles page.

Hope all is well with everyone!

6 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Memoir ’44 scenario

  1. Szili

    Hey Malcolm!

    Good to see that you have returned! Your site looks fantastic! Will give that HK scenario a try!

    Regarding your ‘Battles page’ – you forgot to add this BT scenario of yours:

  2. Brummbär Post author

    Thanks Nem!

    Good to hear from you again…thanks for the reminder on that scenario (it’s on the Battles page now).

    Hope you enjoy HK…I’ll be releasing the rest of the scenarios in the campaign in the coming weeks.

    Happy Gaming!

  3. Steven Weinman


    Love your M44 scenerios. Just played the Battle of HK. The Brits won 5-2 & 5-4. How do you win a beach scenerio as the invader. It seems they always lose.
    Anyway I enjoy the site and hope you write more M44 scenes.

  4. Brummbär Post author

    Thanks Steve! Glad you are enjoying the scenarios. Your question is a good one…not sure I should spoil it here though ;)

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