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French Resistance Figs!

Hi Folks, while I still haven't found the time to paint them up I thought I would let everyone know about where to get some great French resistance figs for the Memoir 44 game. (Sorry, but it just doesn't feel the same having the American looking forces playing the role of the French resistance).

These figs are lead and come from Battlefield Miniatures out of the UK. They come in packs of 3 (which is a great coincidence). They have a nice variety but no pictures. I decided to take a gamble as there are very few other figs that fit the bill out there. I was glad I did. They look great!

Here is the link to the page in particular -

I'll be working on getting photos for each stage of painting on these little fellows (being 20mm they are a little smaller than the Memoir figs but hardly noticeable). Ubique!

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