For the Memoir ’44 Collector!

The time has come to clear out some of my excess Memoir ’44 collection.  Here is a chance to own a piece of Memoir ’44 history as I’ll be auctioning off some of the most sought after items (like the Air Pack with 4 extra planes!) and some rare items (the Winter Tiger campaign bag).

  • Air Pack
  • Breakthrough
  • Pacific Theater (painted!)
  • Winter Wars
  • Campaign Bag (‘Winter Tiger”), 3 battlemaps and more!

All of these are on E-Bay but only for a week so bid early and bid aggressively if you want to add some of these treasures to your collection.

Win multiple auctions and let me know for reduced shipping costs!

Good luck and happy bidding!

2 thoughts on “For the Memoir ’44 Collector!

  1. Louis

    Hey Brummbar! What do you think of the new D-Day landing mega-scenario? – hopefully that link works (DoW’s Facebook page).

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