Here you’ll find some of my ideas on various things for WWII wargaming. Things like Haus Rules, Player’s Aids, Tutorials for painting your figures, making terrain, writing scenarios and more as I think them up and put them to paper (or go digital). If you like something and get use out of it, a donation would be a nice way to show your appreciation and helps support the site.

  • Advanced Memoir '44 - Some fun rules and units to add more to the standard Memoir '44 game.
  • B44 for M44 - Dice system for playing M '44
  • Dire Heroes Dice - Custom dice sheet
  • Dire Heroes Bonus Content - The Advanced, Optional and Experimental rules
  • Memoir ‘44 scenario writing tutorial - The fundamentals to writing a Memoir ‘44 scenario.
  • Making Memoir ‘44 Dice Tutorial - How to make your own set of Memoir ‘44 dice.
  • M'44 Dice Decals - Complete set for Xmas '09
  • Making Hills - An old tutorial of mine that I dusted off and turned into a PDF for download. This is part one of my Making Memoir '44 Terrain tutorials.
  • Tutorial - Painting Tanks - Get some color on your tanks! It's easy to do and makes playing with them a whole lot more enjoyable...well worth the effort. I show you how to paint the Axis tanks step by step but the same technique can be applied to the Allied tanks.

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