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Battle of the Bulge

It’s December and to wargamers that means only one thing, Battle of the Bulge time!

I pulled out one of my favorites, Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge.  Which got me thinking…why not play out the battles that occur using a combat system other than random dice.  Battle Academy was the perfect fit.  So I set up a play as you go campaign demo where I play both sides of the A&A-BB game until the point where a battle occurs.  At that time, I translate the A&A-BB figures to BA units and make a battle based on the hex terrain…then it’s a free for all in the Battle Academy community.  Players play other players then post the results.  Then one of those results is randomly determined to be the result on the board….and the game continues!  You can read more about it on the Battle Academy forums here.

For Vassal players, I did a bit of a upgrade to the existing A&A-Battle of the Bulge mod…though, it could still use some fixtures (a side board would be good etc…) but it does get the job done.  In fact, I’m using it to play out the campaign mentioned above.

While we’re on the subject, an iPad app that features Battle of the Bulge has also recently come to my attention.  Looks very interesting, too bad I don’t have an iPad 🙁  Maybe Santa will drop one on me?

Season’s Greetings to all and to all a good night!

Happy Gaming and All the Best in the New Year!


Dire Heroes – Vassal Module

Dire Heroes - Vassal Module

It took longer in the making than I thought and required some help but in the end, I think it was worth the effort.

I am happy to announce the Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres Vassal module is now available.

This module has the basic game set up as well as an advanced set up that is used in conjunction with the Dire Heroes bonus content. I hope to expand it soon with the help of my good friend, Bayernkini.  We are working towards new scenarios and a Design Kit module that will allow players to use new units, terrain and rules.

The Dire Heroes ruleset is required to play.  Fortunately MagCloud now offers PDF’s so you can get it for $5 from my page there – Dire HeroesNow, if you order the print copy, MagCloud includes the PDF for free!

You can find out more about the module by clicking on the help menu while the game is loaded and choosing the –Dire Heroes Info — item which will take you to this page – Dire Heroes Info.

Oh, and it’s a Play by Email specific module so if you would like to battle, drop me a line!

(Memoir ’44 fans, you can play this game using a base set of Memoir ’44…and don’t worry, I have some M’44 stuff coming your way…oh, and Tide of Iron too!)

Dire Heroes – Coming Soon to Vassal

German Troops - Dire Heroes

First things first, check out the miniatures above!  Bayernkini has done an amazing job on these.  Throw him a thumb on BGG if you like them.

I also have to thank Bayernkini for getting me back on track with the Dire Heroes Vassal module.  He has laid a good foundation and I’ve picked up the torch again to get back on it.  I’m hoping to offer that up soon so if you own a copy, you’ll be sure to get this as well.

For those who don’t yet own a copy, I’ll be offering a demo on how to play Dire Heroes via Vassal.

PBEM (play by email) and Live modules should be available soon!

Smack Down with Sam!

In phase one of my Memoir ’44 Vassal marathon, I met up with Sam1812.  Sam is an excellent opponent who plays well so I knew it would be a good challenge.  He wanted to sharpen his skills on a particular scenario so off to Montelimar we went. The AAR’s are posted on the DoW site.  To sum up though, we played 4 games.  Most of them were medal blowouts by one side or the other.  We tended to trade blows there.  The last game finished the closest with a score of 6-4 for Sam as the Axis. There was no clear winning side on this one though, 2 Axis wins, 2 Allied wins.

Then the marathon stopped…where is everyone?  I’m away for a bit today (paintball!) but I’ll be back…hope to catch some more of you online then.

Sicily Scenarios for Vassal

I’ve now upgraded the Brummbär Vassal extension to include the new trio of Sicily scenarios.  You can find it here – Memoir ’44 Vassal: Brummbär extension version 0.6

You will need to download it to your extension folder replacing the Brummbär extension that is now there.

Let me know if something is out of place.  I haven’t worked in Vassal for a month or so now and it seemed too easy so I’m sure I did something wrong.  🙂