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Tide of Iron scenario - Molten Fireball at Hill 168

Tide of Iron – Normandy Campaign Update

The Canadians in Normandy TOI Campaign is one step closer to completion. With the final play test of Molten Fireball at Hill 168 complete, this brings the campaign to a current total of seven scenarios (includes a couple of already released scenarios). Three more scenarios are in the planning stage.

The campaign, while utilizing existing campaign rules, is a bit of a departure in that both the Axis and Allied player(s) will progress their units throughout the campaign. Custom campaign rules will be included in the final book along with some new special rules and units.

Moving forward though, I am taking a little side step and am working on developing a Tide of Iron Airborne rules concept. Just a quick little scenario to prove the concept. More to follow on this development…

For the Memoir ’44 Volk!

While I may be more Tide of Iron oriented lately, it doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect the M’44 community. I still have that Hong Kong campaign to complete along with a couple of others as yet unpublished (or even mentioned). Today I have on offer, The Encirclement of Nancy, A Memoir ’44 Overlord scenario (requires the Terrain Pack) that sees the German forces in the city of Nancy being encircled by U.S. forces.

Otherwise, The Canadians in Normandy Campaign for Tide of Iron is rolling along. There are a couple of scenarios already published here (the opening scenario, Assault on Putot-en-Bessin and Worthington Force) with an additional six to make for a robust campaign for both the Allies and Axis sides. All wrapped in a high end graphic treatment and some goodies thrown in 😉

More info to follow…

In the meantime, happy gaming and I hope you enjoy The Encirclement of Nancy!

Warriors Weekend

Well…it’s been awhile but the Tide of Iron bug bit again and none too soon. I’ve signed up for Warriors Weekend here in Victoria BC this Sunday.  

I’ll be demonstrating one, if not two new Tide of Iron scenarios. Both involve the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) and the 12th SS Panzer Division (Hitlerjugend).  The first is introductory friendly but I think even veteran players would enjoy.  

Tide of Iron scenario - Assault on Putot ← Here is a sneak peak

UPDATE – The Assault on Putot scenario is now available in the Battles section


You can also find me now on Facebook (funny, I pick the time when everyone is running away) @brummbar44

You might find something rather interesting there right now as well in fact.







Tide of Iron scenario – Worthington Force

Worthington Force scenario

A new scenario for Tide of Iron, Worthington Force pits the wits of the Canadians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time against an alarmed German force who moved quickly to destroy the force now in their midst.

Worthington Force can be played with the standard Tide of Iron game.

Edit: Amended version is now available (Thanks RayGuns and dutchy124 from BGG!)

Back in Action

I couldn’t let a D-Day go by without sharing a battle with my friends.

Tide of Iron scenario – Bridgehead Bretteville depicts the night attack on June 8th by the panthers of the 12th SS (with little infantry support) against the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

The scenario was intended for a Normandy campaign publication that just never came to fruition (sadly). Maybe if enough of you out there want it…we can make it happen?

Included is a stat card for the 6 pdr. gun and Panther that will be required for play. Enjoy.

Thanks for the Memoiries

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…summer was busy and I hope everyone had a good one. Now that autumn is setting in, I’m getting back into the games…well…sort of. I also had to move my server (so some things might not be working…getting to them).

I did a Tide of Iron campaign that I hope to share more info about soon and of course, the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book #2 (which was actually earlier this year). I worked on the Pacific campaign and got to work directly with the man himself, Richard Borg. While all of the scenarios are of his creation, I got to stitch them together in the Island Hoppers campaign. Working with Richard was a dream, it was an absolute pleasure and honor! I’m sure it will be a great book for Memoir ’44 fans.

Unfortunately, it appears that it will be my last effort with Days of Wonder. I was hoping they would publish my Hong Kong campaign (70th anniversary of the battle coming) but was told they won’t be able to get to it…too busy promoting someone else’s work I suppose. They also won’t let me commercially produce it, so I’ll likely release it for free around that time instead. It will be my last effort to that end.

I have to admit, I’ve also really fallen out of love with M’44. I think the Online version had a lot to do with that. The dice seem so incredibly streaky and while I agree the percentages even out the game sure takes a turn for the worse when played that many times. As for their AI, it certainly gets better dice from the stats I’ve collected than us human players. But I digress…the Online really changed something about the game for me…that coupled with DoW’s reluctance to engage me will see my scenario designing efforts going elsewhere. I met some great people through the game and think the community is one of the best online, so I will miss you all.

To be fair…I’ve also found another love. One that makes almost all of my board games seem rather flat. It’s one of the best WWII games I have ever played and have simply been engrossed with it for the last couple of weeks. If you are interested, have a look at Battle Academy…simply brilliant! Check out the demo. And it’s not a pay for play model (hint, hint). They have a great PBEM aspect so if you get it and want a game, look for me, Brummbar44 or drop me a line. I would be happy to play.

This post couldn’t be complete without one more thing. Here is a Breakthrough scenario for your enjoyment (make sure you use the breakthrough deck…it’s not the same without it) Memoir ’44 – Breakthrough Operation Totalize scenario.

Happy Gaming!