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Memoir ’44 Players Aid – from 2008!

I received an email recently from Tim, a player new to M’44, who let me know that the players aid posted on the DoW website is actually missing the Pacific Theater portion. I was sure I had created something to that effect…so I dug into my archives and sure enough, I found a version that was not posted on the official M’44 site. So I’ve now added that here (you can find it under the Extras section of the M’44 page).

Keep in mind, this was created in 2008 (where does the time go!?) and contains the original Air Pack as well. I haven’t kept up with developments at all since…so no Equipment Pack etc…

But for posterity sake, it seemed to make sense to add it here (thanks Tim!). Hope you all enjoy and happy gaming!

A Parting Scenario from Bill

As some of you may be aware, Bill S Jaffe recently passed away (at the young age of 50). Although I never knew Bill personally I had had a few dealings with him when it came to Tide of Iron. Bill was a great supporter of the game and was very supportive to me in trying to get a book of battles published. We started to collaborate on a Gazala effort and as a result, I dug up what he sent me a few years back and gave it a graphic treatment. You can find it in the Tide of Iron scenarios.

I’m sure that Bill would hope that you enjoy his efforts as many already have.

Rest in Peace Bill.

M44 for a quick diversion

Although I have Tide of Iron all set up in the games room…we were looking for something lighter and quicker to play a few days ago. Lo and behold, Memoir ’44 jumped out at me. I grabbed up the base copy I have (no painted anything! No custom terrain!! Seemed odd…but we wanted it to be quick) we then set up to play.

Battle of the Bridgehead was a loose sheet sitting on top of everything. Knowing it was a 50/50 battle, I set it up (also quick to set up I might add!). It wasn’t long into the game when I recalled just how much the dice hate me (and favoured my long standing opponent…and spouse!). It turned out to be a close game 5:4 but ultimately my panzers just couldn’t win the day.

It was on to Sainte-Mere-Eglise. A very successful paradrop from my better half pinned in my left flank. While my right flank cleared the hill and started supporting the namesake town, the left flank continued to crumble (now it seems the cards also conspire against me!). Being the clever Hans that I am, I moved a lone infantry figure who bore the brunt of one devastating dice roll (Three hits! Again!! …did I mention how much dice hate me?) out of range…only to see him vanish in a withering barrage. I lost 4:2.

Sword beach is now set…

Advanced Memoir '44 - card back

Advanced Memoir ’44

While doing some general site maintenance (yes, I still pay attention from time to time), I came across an old concept that I put together a decade ago now (where does the time go?). Anyway, thought it would be of interest to the Memoir ’44 community at large.

It’s an Advanced Memoir ’44 concept that brings into play some house rules for enhancing the base game along with some advanced unit cards with some fun rules of their own.

Advanced Memoir ’44

Hope you enjoy and Happy Gaming!

Brummbar is Back!

Brummbar 44

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I last posted. What can I say? It was a low gaming year. Memoir ’44 and Tide of Iron have both been collecting dust on the shelves. The gaming table has been occupied by Star Wars X-Wing (still working on not colliding with asteroids!) and to tickle my fantasies, Descent: Journey’s in the Dark.

Of course, I’m still a wargamer at heart.

Battle Academy 2 has been filling that niche rather nicely. At first, it was really all about playing through all of the single player campaigns. I love the improvements that Slitherine has made over the original Battle Academy. Things I was really wanting in the original have now been added. Trenches (where were these when I wanted to do a Great War version!), wire, mines and more! Most importantly however is my recent experiences with the new Scenario Editor.

I was familiar with the original Battle Academy editor, but was frustrated with the scripting required once everything was set. BA2 has automated almost all of that now. The Editor is so much easier to use but still has it’s quirks. For example, I kept getting ‘Overtime’ in my testplays no matter if the objectives were achieved or not. I soon figured out that the wording on the editor (or perhaps how it’s laid out) is a little deceptive. Word to the wise, check both boxes for allowing the victory plugin to grant Side 0 and Side 1 victory.

While tinkering in the Editor, I found myself at a loss for a battle to set up. I’m familiar mostly with the Western Front and found the prospects of learning specific East Front battles a little daunting. This is where my wargamer experience kicked in. Down in the game vault I pulled out my original copy of PanzerBlitz (from 1980!). I was delighted with the idea of converting the PanzerBlitz situations into BA2 battles! So I immediately set about making the first 4 as multiplayer games.

It wasn’t long that I found the powers of the new Scenario Editor and decided to also make some Single Player campaigns. The default being the Soviets as Side 0. The Editor even offers a decent built in ‘Achievements’ plugin. So here was a game that I could make for myself and share with others. After a little figuring out, I was able to convert the same scenarios with the Germans as Side 0 and was able to play from that perspective as well! The fun is just beginning!

If you are a wargame fan and haven’t played Battle Academy, I highly recommend it! If you do play BA2, then I hope you enjoy the Single Player campaigns – Note; you need to copy the links below and open your BA2 game -> Campaigns -> Download Community Scenarios (folder icon) -> Download a Campaign Package from the Internet (toolbox icon, top right) -> paste the URL in using the + icon.

BA2 meets PanzerBlitz: Situations 1-4, the Russian Experience

BA2 meets PanzerBlitz: Situations 1-4, the German Experience

You can find all of the links in raw as well as the Multiplayer version on the Slitherine site. I’ll be working toward improving the MP scenarios and am already underway on Situations 5-8.

Hope to see you on the field!

Battle Academy – The Great War mod, a tourney, and 2!

Great War British OfficerAfter my last bout with Memoir ’44 online, I turned back to a game that at least is fair, Battle Academy.

It had been awhile since I played and when I looked in on things I saw that the much anticipated BA2 was just around the corner (Sept. 12th!).  I eagerly anticipate the upgrade and taking on the Eastern battlefields of history.  Battle Academy has been great to play and I expect that BA2 will advance that even further!

Of course, a century ago in August was the start of the Great War.  As usual, I always have a draw to that massive conflict.  So again, I turned to Battle Academy as it allows for some great modifications.  One of which was done by Tim1966 of those forums which happened to be all about WWI.  So I went to work building some scenarios there.  Vimy was the first one and it turned out well especially given how rusty I was on design with that editor.  I’ve now added some additional scripts based on work of other great BA designers (like Enric and thanks too to CaveHobbit)…so I’ve managed to include a preliminary bombardment, German and British Officers and barbed wire that actually stops infantry.  On top of that, a second scenario (2nd Ypres) and am considering a third.  So if all goes well, the Great War BA mod should be a fun package.

Lastly, I’ve finally joined a BA tournament!  CaveHobbit is hosting his France ’40 maps and while it took some time to get used to the beefed up units, I played some of the maps before the tourney and they are fun!  Looking forward to playing that out as far as I can…good luck on that everyone! (note; at the time of writing, we are still looking for one more player…and they will be in my pool…so come on in, the water’s warm!).

Until next time, Ubique!