Battle of the Bulge

It’s December and to wargamers that means only one thing, Battle of the Bulge time!

I pulled out one of my favorites, Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge.  Which got me thinking…why not play out the battles that occur using a combat system other than random dice.  Battle Academy was the perfect fit.  So I set up a play as you go campaign demo where I play both sides of the A&A-BB game until the point where a battle occurs.  At that time, I translate the A&A-BB figures to BA units and make a battle based on the hex terrain…then it’s a free for all in the Battle Academy community.  Players play other players then post the results.  Then one of those results is randomly determined to be the result on the board….and the game continues!  You can read more about it on the Battle Academy forums here.

For Vassal players, I did a bit of a upgrade to the existing A&A-Battle of the Bulge mod…though, it could still use some fixtures (a side board would be good etc…) but it does get the job done.  In fact, I’m using it to play out the campaign mentioned above.

While we’re on the subject, an iPad app that features Battle of the Bulge has also recently come to my attention.  Looks very interesting, too bad I don’t have an iPad 🙁  Maybe Santa will drop one on me?

Season’s Greetings to all and to all a good night!

Happy Gaming and All the Best in the New Year!


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