Brummbar's Memoir '44 miniatures

Memoir '44 miniatures

Some Photo's of my customised Memoir '44 sets

Through the years since I started playing Memoir '44 (when it was realeased in June '04) I've slowly built up my customization of the game. Literally! I started off not being happy with flat hills. So I built 3D hills, which have since been refined ..funny to look back on them now. Then I went on to add woods, which was easy to do. Build towns, which I am still working on, they have gone through quite a process as well. And of course, I continue to buy, build and paint various other vehicles and figures.

As I take more pictures, I'll be sure to add them here!

Where did I get all that stuff?

Well, for the most part, I made them. I started off with foam hills cut from a template. I then went on to create my own molds for the hills and towns so that I could produce them in durable plastic. I am now in the process of designing stick on faces for the towns so I hope to get some of those pics added here soon.

As for the vehicles, I ordered them. They are official Perrin 10mm miniatures from the same manufacture as the tank miniatures that came with the game. They are very quality pieces and have made wonderful additions to the game. Why use a badge to mark your elite tanks when you can use a Tiger?!

Memoir '44 medal
Memoir '44 Axis styleMemoir '44 Allies style

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