Brummbar's Memoir '44 terrain

Memoir '44 terrain

Welcome to the Depot!

Memoir '44 Air Pack

Here you'll find some of my ideas on various things Memoir '44. Things like Haus Rules, Player's Aids, Tutorials for painting your figures, making terrain, writing scenarios and more as I think them up and put them to paper (or go digital). If you like something and get use out of it, a donation would be a nice way to show your appreciation and helps support the site. Donors get exclusive content and advanced copies of scenarios.



What is Vassal?

Vassal is an online board game Java program that allows you to play other players from around the world either directly online or via email.

You simply download the Vassal program and make sure to get the Memoir '44 module then open the program, load the module and connect online to play other players live.

Vassal Tournaments

No Tournaments currently scheduled.

The previous tournament results can be found here - VwCon Standings.

Brummbär Online

You can usually find me online on Saturday's between 8-11 am (PST).

Memoir '44 Battle Star
Memoir '44 Axis styleMemoir '44 Allies style

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