Brummbar's Memoir '44 scenarios

Memoir 44 scenarios

Brummbär Authored Memoir '44 Scenarios

[Jubliee '42]

Disaster at Dieppe : This was an initially a raiding action to test Hitler's fortress Europe and to appease the Soviets in their demand to put pressure on the German war machine. Though carried out to the honor of those who participated, the results were disasterous.

[Italy '42-'45]

Crossing the Moro : The start of a long and arduous campaign for the Canadians in Italy. Getting across the Moro river was the first step on the Road to Ortona.

The Gully : The Germans surprised the Canadians who expected a withdrawl from the area and moving on to Ortona wasn't as easy as they hoped.

Taking Ortona : The final objective wasn't an easy one as they Allied higher command had hoped. Here, the Canadians made text book the taking of a built up area.

Breaking the Hitler Line : Shifted into the line, the Canadians breached the fabled Hitler line and opened the road to Italy for the allies.

[Normandy '44]

Juno Beach - 7th Brigade : Hit Mike Green and Red with the 7th Brigade as they not only take on the D-Day landing but had a town to clear that morning as well!

Juno Beach - 8th Brigade : Hit Nan White and Red with the 8th Brigade. Here the Queens Own Rifles took some of the heaviest casualties of the day.

Battle of the Bridgehead : On June 7th, the Germans launch the first serious counter attack against the D-Day bridgehead. Canadians advancing on the airport at Carpiquet ran into inexperienced but fanatical Hitler Youth.









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