Memoir ’44 Players Aid – from 2008!

I received an email recently from Tim, a player new to M’44, who let me know that the players aid posted on the DoW website is actually missing the Pacific Theater portion. I was sure I had created something to that effect…so I dug into my archives and sure enough, I found a version that was not posted on the official M’44 site. So I’ve now added that here (you can find it under the Extras section of the M’44 page).

Keep in mind, this was created in 2008 (where does the time go!?) and contains the original Air Pack as well. I haven’t kept up with developments at all since…so no Equipment Pack etc…

But for posterity sake, it seemed to make sense to add it here (thanks Tim!). Hope you all enjoy and happy gaming!

Tide of Iron scenario - Molten Fireball at Hill 168

Tide of Iron – Normandy Campaign Update

The Canadians in Normandy TOI Campaign is one step closer to completion. With the final play test of Molten Fireball at Hill 168 complete, this brings the campaign to a current total of seven scenarios (includes a couple of already released scenarios). Three more scenarios are in the planning stage.

The campaign, while utilizing existing campaign rules, is a bit of a departure in that both the Axis and Allied player(s) will progress their units throughout the campaign. Custom campaign rules will be included in the final book along with some new special rules and units.

Moving forward though, I am taking a little side step and am working on developing a Tide of Iron Airborne rules concept. Just a quick little scenario to prove the concept. More to follow on this development…

A Parting Scenario from Bill

As some of you may be aware, Bill S Jaffe recently passed away (at the young age of 50). Although I never knew Bill personally I had had a few dealings with him when it came to Tide of Iron. Bill was a great supporter of the game and was very supportive to me in trying to get a book of battles published. We started to collaborate on a Gazala effort and as a result, I dug up what he sent me a few years back and gave it a graphic treatment. You can find it in the Tide of Iron scenarios.

I’m sure that Bill would hope that you enjoy his efforts as many already have.

Rest in Peace Bill.

M44 for a quick diversion

Although I have Tide of Iron all set up in the games room…we were looking for something lighter and quicker to play a few days ago. Lo and behold, Memoir ’44 jumped out at me. I grabbed up the base copy I have (no painted anything! No custom terrain!! Seemed odd…but we wanted it to be quick) we then set up to play.

Battle of the Bridgehead was a loose sheet sitting on top of everything. Knowing it was a 50/50 battle, I set it up (also quick to set up I might add!). It wasn’t long into the game when I recalled just how much the dice hate me (and favoured my long standing opponent…and spouse!). It turned out to be a close game 5:4 but ultimately my panzers just couldn’t win the day.

It was on to Sainte-Mere-Eglise. A very successful paradrop from my better half pinned in my left flank. While my right flank cleared the hill and started supporting the namesake town, the left flank continued to crumble (now it seems the cards also conspire against me!). Being the clever Hans that I am, I moved a lone infantry figure who bore the brunt of one devastating dice roll (Three hits! Again!! …did I mention how much dice hate me?) out of range…only to see him vanish in a withering barrage. I lost 4:2.

Sword beach is now set…

Of Copyright and Gaming

Recently, there has been some debate on violating copyright on some of the social platforms (specifically in regards to the game Memoir ’44). I would like to state up front, I am not a lawyer but…I certainly have had a considerable interest in the subject ever since I started creating extra materials for games. Here is what I understand so far…

You cannot copyright a game – it doesn’t meet the criteria for copyright. So if I decided to make up my own game that is similar to an already published game, that is perfectly ok so long as I don’t infringe on their copyright. A good example of this was my creation of Dire Heroes.

Copyright pertains to the creation of the content itself – I can’t, for example, use the Days of Wonder scenario generator to make a scenario then sell that scenario. Not because it is a Memoir ’44 scenario (more on that in a bit) but because they own the copyright to the images used to make that scenario (well, that and they have you agree to their terms before you can even get the editor to make it in the first place…you’ll note, thanks to my Dire Heroes they’ve added the clause that you won’t make other games with it either now!). However, in theory, I could create my own graphics from scratch and sell the scenarios but then I would have a new problem, Trademarks!

Trademarks prevent confusion about brand – So if I made a game, scenarios etc… that don’t violate the copyright, I can still run into trouble here. I can’t pretend to be another brand and must declare even on a mere mention of Memoir ’44 that ‘Memoir ’44 is a Trademark of Days of Wonder’.

So as I understand it, I could create, for example, a Memoir ’44 campaign book. All of the content would need to be created entirely by me (I can’t even duplicate any of their existing rules I can only reference them…and declare the trademark). I could then sell it…but the law here is still a little murky and Days of Wonder could still pursue legal action (nothing stopping that anyway)…and I’m not even sure they would win but it just doesn’t seem worth the risk. Honestly, it takes a lot of work to create something like a campaign book and while I might make a few bucks I would likely lose that and more in legal fights.

Short answer here, don’t bother. Create content if it’s your passion and simply share it. That’s what I mostly do. The hook here is again, it takes a lot of work to produce something nice and if there is nothing in it other than a community ‘thanks’ (which I do appreciate, it just doesn’t pay my bills) then it likely won’t get done…or not properly.

All that being said, I would like to reiterate, this is just my current understanding. If anyone can enlighten me on any of the above professionally, I would love to hear from you.