…and the winners are…

First, I would like to thank everyone for entering.  It was quite a response, unfortunately, I suspect there were a number of folks who legitimately registered but neglected to enter the Name field which disqualified them.  Sorry, but I also had more spambots sign on so it was near impossible to tell who was legit.

The good news for those who did enter correctly is the competition was reduced.  So without further ado…the winners of a copy of Dire Heroes – Gas Attack at Ypres are (as randomly generated by a program I found online)….

  • Bill Budd
  • Nybba
  • Trains1
  • Nemesszilli
  • Goober_357

If you are one of the lucky winners, please cantact me with your mailing address and let me know if you would like your copy signed.

For everyone who registered, sorry you didn’t win. Don’t worry though, as a registered user of the site, you are in for some exclusive treats in the coming months.  If you did register but didn’t enter a name in the Name field, your records have been purged (along with the many spambots!).  Please register again and be sure to include your name in the Name field so I know you are human and like everyone else who has registered, you’ll be getting access to exclusive content in the future.

Thanks again everyone!

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