Advanced Memoir '44 - card back

Advanced Memoir ’44

While doing some general site maintenance (yes, I still pay attention from time to time), I came across an old concept that I put together a decade ago now (where does the time go?). Anyway, thought it would be of interest to the Memoir ’44 community at large.

It’s an Advanced Memoir ’44 concept that brings into play some house rules for enhancing the base game along with some advanced unit cards with some fun rules of their own.

Advanced Memoir ’44

Hope you enjoy and Happy Gaming!

2 thoughts on “Advanced Memoir ’44

  1. Ken Peters

    Are you currently monitoring this site? Please reply to

    We have a group of retirees playing TOI and Memoir. We have all expansion sets but are looking to download scnarios and advanced rules for Memoir.

    Thank you
    Ken Peters

  2. Brummbär Post author

    Hi Ken, you can find all of my authored scenarios under the ‘Battles’ link above. I also have some extras under the ‘Depot’ link which includes my Advanced Memoir ’44 rules among other things. Thanks for the interest, happy gaming!

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