About Brummbar ’44

The Bear

Brummbar ’44 began as a fan website since 2004 with the release of Memoir ’44 (coinciding with the 60th anniversary of D-Day). I really enjoyed the predecessor game, Battle Cry (also by Richard Borg) and as soon as I saw a WWII themed version, I pre-ordered without hesitation.

After playing through all of the scenarios (a few times!), I soon turned my attention to writing some of my own. Being a Canadian, my first scenario (Battle of the Bridgehead) focused on the efforts of the Canadians on D-Day +1. It wasn’t long after that I started to think about a Campaign system and in turn, initiated what was to become the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book volume I. In which, I authored the Normandy campaign and kept it accessible for the community by utilizing just the base game.

For the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book volume II, I had the honour of getting to work directly with Richard Borg and formed his Pacific Theater scenarios into a campaign for that book. I also had a hand (along with my wife who play tested everything every step of the way) in helping shape the Air Pack.

From there, I started playing and authoring scenarios for Tide of Iron and even authored my own rules system, Dire Heroes, set in the Great War.

Militarily speaking, I was trained as an artilleryman and served with the Royal Canadian Artillery as a sergeant for over a decade.

My interest in the World Wars and gaming continues. I hope to bring more gaming goodness to this site to share with other fans.