A visit from Sam and a Rant!

Sam1812, an electronic friend from Memoir ’44 happened to be in my vicinity a couple of days ago so we met up.  It was great to finally meet Sam face to face (and his lovely wife).  I was a poor tour guide and they were gracious guests.  We did manage to get in a couple of games of M’44 in.  Sam took meticulous short hand notes of every turn in the battle (which I assume he’ll add in the AARs).  All in all, a fun time!

So…in playing, it sparked my interest again.  Despite my past experience, I decided to give Online another whirl.  Having no credits, I played Juno.  With no takers, I decided to play solo.  Loving a challenge, I played as the Axis and lost.  Undaunted, I tried again and lost again. Hmm…played again and surprised, lost again.  In fact, over the last two days, I’ve played 7 times as the axis and lost every time.  I’m no slouch in the game and Johnny is no brilliant tactician to say the least.  I never managed to quite finish off units and Johnny always got the needed hits.  There can be no doubt in my mind now that Johnny is a cheat!

I was about to leave the game when I noticed an open multiplayer game of Juno and decided, against my better judgement, to play.  I didn’t even get to finish my first turn and the game froze.  So I sat patiently only to be rewarded by being informed my internet connection was down (it wasn’t) and on top of it, couldn’t quit out of the game, I had to force quit to get out!

Moral of the story…Face to Face or Vassal.  Online is now officially done in my books.

1 thought on “A visit from Sam and a Rant!

  1. bob james

    I have had only one play of Juno D-DAY and was Germans and was losing I think 11-8 and made a bold move with a PANZER FORCE SUPPORTED WITH INFANTRY, moved it up and split two beach sections, getting back two vp’s and the opponent losing two and then attacked with that force, won in a close assault and then took out a weaker unit hiding on the beach behind it, while another attack by two separate Halftracks (1) piecers got two hits and another unit got taken out with artillery…I WON.
    My opponent was quite stunned, he kept wanting me to take trucks and use as resupply, which I decided on taking the halftracks each time I could and plugged th little buggers right where I needed them.

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