A Memoir ’44 Campaign for D-Day

With the D-Day anniversary quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to post something for all my friends to have to play. So I went through my unpublished archives and found this little gem – Memoir '44 Hasty Campaign - Normandy, The American Experience (1156 downloads) (you can also find it on the Memoir ’44 page under the Campaigns button near the bottom).

I conceived this concept after my first draft of what was eventually to become the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book Volume 1. I wanted something that had a campaign feel but light and quick (ok, four scenarios isn’t really ‘quick’ but the rules for it are). I then looked at putting together a group of already published and official scenarios (so that anyone with the base game could play) and tried to balance the idea while still offering some choices.

Sadly, this concept got buried after approval of the campaign system as we all know it came into being…that soon consumed a lot of my time (in retrospect, too much!).

On the plus side, here it is now, eleven years late but better late than never. Hope you enjoy!

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