Painted Desert – the British

Is that you Stu?!?With the much anticipated Memoir ‘44 Mediterranean Front expansion now coming out and with Days of the Fox for Tide of Iron already out, I thought I would share the latest techniques I’ve developed to paint up the British tanks.  Realizing that much like me, most of you would rather play than paint but may want a little more visual appeal I wanted a method that was fast and easy. So here’s what I’ve done for my Crusader tanks (and the Valentines I’m currently working on..or the Stuarts shown above).

  1. Mount the tanks – using a glue gun, glue them to the heads of nails and place in a foam block
  2. Base Coat – for a good quick base coat I’ve recently discovered Krylon camouflage spray works perfect.  For the desert tanks, use the light tan color.  Spray all of your mounted tanks as a group but make sure you do a nice light coat or two and get in between the wheels. Let dry.
  3. Wash – no, not with soap and water (though, not a bad idea before starting this whole process). What I mean here is a black wash.  Mix a couple of drops of black and dark brown with water to get it fairly thin buut not too thin or you’ll have to do it again.  Not too dark either.  Let dry completely.
  4. Highlight – Drybrush on some Armour Sand color (from Testor’s Model Master Acryl line…or something similar).  Go easy and don’t fill in the cracks, that’s where your wash should show through.
  5. Details, details – I do the tracks and road wheels now.  Mix some grey with black to get a very dark grey.  Let dry then drybrush the tracks with some metalic silver mixed with black (or brass or copper if you want a rusty look).
  6. Finish – I use Krylon matte finish spray.  Works great.

That’s it!  Of course you could put on a camouflage scheme (do it a very smoky grey after the drybrush step) and you could also put on some markings.  The British 8th army armoured used a bar of white with a red stripe in the middle, very easy to do.  Look around online for other markings.


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