Into the Desert

Pz III from Days of the Fox In preparation for the upcoming expansion now might be the time to break out those tanks you’ve been meaning to paint and start making your Afrika Korps. That’s my plan anyway.

I will be using the same desert colors as the Afrika Korp for my tanks which is an acrylic paint from Testors (code 4789). Officially it was Sandgelb.

The tank shown here is from the Tide of Iron set, Days of the Fox which unfortunately only has 4 of them. However, while they weren’t as common, the Pzkw IV’s were present in the desert in two varieties. The IVf and the IVe. The main difference between the two was the length of the barrel (well, visually speaking anyway). The IVe was more of an infantry support tank. It can be easily made with your standard M’44 tanks by clipping the barrel. The IVf is fine as is…just needs some color. I’ll be working on setting up a set and will post some pics when they are ready. In the meantime, just follow my tank painting tutorial but substitute the color.


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