Thanks for the Memoiries

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…summer was busy and I hope everyone had a good one. Now that autumn is setting in, I’m getting back into the games…well…sort of. I also had to move my server (so some things might not be working…getting to them).

I did a Tide of Iron campaign that I hope to share more info about soon and of course, the Memoir ‘44 Campaign Book #2 (which was actually earlier this year). I worked on the Pacific campaign and got to work directly with the man himself, Richard Borg. While all of the scenarios are of his creation, I got to stitch them together in the Island Hoppers campaign. Working with Richard was a dream, it was an absolute pleasure and honor! I’m sure it will be a great book for Memoir ‘44 fans.

Unfortunately, it appears that it will be my last effort with Days of Wonder. I was hoping they would publish my Hong Kong campaign (70th anniversary of the battle coming) but was told they won’t be able to get to it…too busy promoting someone else’s work I suppose. They also won’t let me commercially produce it, so I’ll likely release it for free around that time instead. It will be my last effort to that end.

I have to admit, I’ve also really fallen out of love with M’44. I think the Online version had a lot to do with that. The dice seem so incredibly streaky and while I agree the percentages even out the game sure takes a turn for the worse when played that many times. As for their AI, it certainly gets better dice from the stats I’ve collected than us human players. But I digress…the Online really changed something about the game for me…that coupled with DoW’s reluctance to engage me will see my scenario designing efforts going elsewhere. I met some great people through the game and think the community is one of the best online, so I will miss you all.

To be fair…I’ve also found another love. One that makes almost all of my board games seem rather flat. It’s one of the best WWII games I have ever played and have simply been engrossed with it for the last couple of weeks. If you are interested, have a look at Battle Academy…simply brilliant! Check out the demo. And it’s not a pay for play model (hint, hint). They have a great PBEM aspect so if you get it and want a game, look for me, Brummbar44 or drop me a line. I would be happy to play.

This post couldn’t be complete without one more thing. Here is a Breakthrough scenario for your enjoyment (make sure you use the breakthrough deck…it’s not the same without it) Memoir ‘44 – Breakthrough Operation Totalize scenario.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. nemesszili Says:

    Mixed feelings… as in real life, I simply can’t imagine one falling out of love while you still love… my solution was not to play on the Online version. :D

    I’m really looking forward to playing both CB2, your BT scenario and of course the Hong Kong Campaign, when you release it!


  2. Nodoyuna Says:

    Thank you very much for your contribution to the game.
    Sure the community will miss you.
    I also feel something has changed going Online.
    I’ll try Battle Academy, and will wait for your Hong Kong campaign.
    JM Plaza

  3. Eric Mosso Says:


    Sorry to hear that you have decided to take your talents elsewhere. Your help was invaluable to me in learning the game and enjoying your scenarios. I also enjoyed your varient Dire Heroes. The MEM44 community will be diminished with your going.

    I love turn based computer games and will give Battle Academy a try on your recommendation. Have you tried Slitherine’s Panzercorps or the Strategic Command series from Battlefront? If you have, how do they compare to Battle Academy?

    Anyway, keep in touch. It’s nice to stay in contact with someone with similar interests.


  4. TheMarshalUK Says:

    Sorry to hear you and Mem44 are parting company my friend. Thanks for all your help, hard work, Dice :) and inspiration over the last few years. I will still be checking in regularly to see what your up to and look forward to trying Battle Academy.

  5. Scragnoth Says:

    Hi Malcolm,
    Also from me a “I feel sorry that you leave” post.
    I do hope that you will every now and then still post something for ToI, so I can at least continue to enjoy your great efforts.
    I also hope your project on the unit cards will see daylight someday!

    The genral tendency for board game producers to go Mobile is not always for the better. FFG is now also making their move.
    Therefore it is so important that the community also supports the good old dice and carboard (and heaps of plastics) versions before it dies out.
    I have about 20 games of Mem44 Online under my belt and never really liked it. I just want to see the eyes of my opponent, share a beer, and have some laughs while playing…

    Anyway, I hope it is not So Long but just a temporary Goodbye….


  6. Brummbär Says:

    Thanks for the kind words friends. I’m glad to have been able to contribute what I did. It was fun!

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