Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

I thought I would leave a little gift for my friends this Christmas.

Some 69 years ago Christmas wasn’t so fun for all who were trying to save the Island of Hong Kong.  This Pacific Theater scenario sees the Imperial Japanese invading the outnumbered Commonwealth forces on the Island.

Hong Kong - First Wave - M'44 scenario

I hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

6 Responses to “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”

  1. Niels R. Says:


    I would love to play your scenario, but when I click the download link I get the following message: “You must be logged in to download this file.”

    Kind regards,
    Niels R.

    PS: Please feel free to delete this comment. It was just an easy way to notify you.

  2. Brummbär Says:

    Hi Niels,

    Along the right column is an option to ‘register’ to the site. This will give you access to the exclusive content.

    Let me know if you are still having difficulties…otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

  3. phantom Says:

    Great scenario. Close to my heart. My grandparents lived through the Japanese occupation in Hong Kong. I lived and worked there for 8 years at the beginning of the noughties. I even did the hike to Jardines Lookout numerous times over the years. Can’t wait to try this out with my son.

  4. Brummbär Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, hope you and your son enjoy the scenario. There will be more of these over the next few months!

  5. RedKing Says:

    Thanks for an excellent scenario and this excellent web-site. However there seems to be a misprint in the scenario headline “December 18, 1944″? Wasn’t it 1941?

    Best wishes

  6. Brummbär Says:

    Thanks and yes, it was 1941…likely an error in saving from the M’44 editor. I’ll see if I can correct that.

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